Learning Skateboard: major facts and techniques

Learning Skateboard: major facts and techniques
Last Updated: 05 May 2020

Acquiring any new skills is not easy. Whenever you are trying something new, you will go through many challenges, and you may fail. Learning to skateboard should not take you so long. You must know where to start. The best way to learn how to skateboard is by getting a trainer. However, you can get helpful tips through the internet and do it by yourself.

Nonetheless, you need to have the right gear to avoid injuries. If your child is learning to skateboard, you should get them the best skateboard for kids.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Skateboard?

It depends on what you are looking for from skating. If you just want to ride and push, it will only take you a few days. If youโ€™re going to be a professional skater, then probably a few months, but if you want to learn skateboard tricks, you should never stop learning, and you will get better as you progress.

However, you need to put in the hours. You have to practice for about six hours every day. Do not let bad days discourage you. Injuries are bound to happen, but that should only motivate you. Keep a steady mindset, and never allow fear to control you. Riding a skateboard will become fun as times go.

how to stand on a skateboard


How to Stand On a Skateboard

Skateboarding requires you to have control, balance, and ability. An essential skill when it comes to skateboarding is standing on the skateboard. Once you master the art of standing on a skateboard, then your first skateboard trick will seem like a joke. From here, you will be on the right track in learning more skills that are hard to execute.

You need to follow the following steps to stand on a skateboard and learn how to skateboard:

Decide whether you will ride regular or goofy

Skateboarding has two common stances goofy and regular. In regular stance, the left foot is in front of the board, whereas in goofy, the right foot is in front. Choose the best stance for you, depending on whether you are right or left-footed. Knowing if you are right or left-footed is the first step when you want to learn how to skateboard.

Keep your feet and shoulders apart

You should start on flat ground. Your feet should be under your shoulders, stand naturally. Ensure you distribute your weight evenly on each leg. By doing this, you will have maximum balance and control over the board. Practice shifting weight between both legs and ensure your body is aligned and your head upright. Shifting ensures you settle into position every time you do tricks.

Sink your weight on bended knees

Bend your knees and bring your butt down. Bended knees bring your weight around the hips, which is better than standing. A lower center of gravity means you are more balanced when on the skateboard. Loosen up; do not be very rigid.

Nonetheless, you should not go so low.

Point your head where you are moving

If you want to learn how to ride a skateboard, ensure your head faces the direction you are moving. If you are using a regular stance, then you will be facing your left shoulder, whereas goofy riders will face the right. This way, you will spot obstacles easily.

You should not keep looking at your legs. Just focus ahead and realize that the body will follow wherever the head goes.

How to Push On a Skateboard

To roll on a skateboard, you need to push it on the ground using your feet. The best skateboard for kids has rubber wheels that roll very easily. Many beginners transfer their weight towards the ground when they are pushing. This is like walking where you shift your weight to the foot that is behind.

While you are skateboarding, you need to keep all your weight on the board. You should push the board with your feet. Ensure the body weight is on the board and push it with the feet.

You need to follow the following steps when you want to push your skateboard

how to push on a skateboard
  • Bend your knees. The back foot should be perpendicular to the deck. The front foot should be at forty-five degrees.
  • Ensure all your weight is on top of the board.
  • Lift your back foot and straighten it.
  • Place the back foot on the ground and rotate your front leg.
  • Push your skateboard against the ground so that you can start rolling.
  • When you start rolling, pull the back foot onto the skateboard.
  • Repeat this process until you perfect your skills.

Increasing your speed

For you to go faster, you need to apply more power. When pushing your skateboard, you need to put all your energy on your movement. The best way to do this is to extend the foot that pushes your board. You also need to extend the foot, which is on top of the board.

Make sure you do not lose balance as you do this. Pushing the skateboard for beginners needs to be done gradually. Start slowly and increase your speed slowly.

The difference between a beginner and experienced skater

There is some significant difference between a person who is starting and a skilled skater. The following are some of the differences.

  • A professional is more efficient when pushing the skateboard
  • A beginner will waste energy while pushing the skateboard.
  • If the road is wet and bumpy, a beginner will have difficulties.
how to turn on a skateboard

How to Turn On a Skateboard

Place your foot on your skateboard and push using your back foot on the ground.

Give yourself several pushes until you hit a decent speed. Skateboard lessons for beginnerโ€™s advice that you should be comfortable with the basics of skateboarding before you start learning how to turn.

Ensure your child has a toddler helmet and other protective gear. The gear includes knee and elbow pads and a wrist guard. They will protect your child from bruises, scraps, and other serious injuries.

Place your feet at the center

Ensure your foot is above the bolts, which connect the boardโ€™s truck on top of the deck. By doing this, you will balance well while turning. Ensure your feet are away from the tail and nose. Putting a lot of weight on the edges will make the board flip over.

Place your weight in the direction you are turning

Decide whether you will turn right or left. The idea is to turn towards the side you want to go. Turning is among the easiest skateboard tricks as long as you follow the directions.

Ensure you keep your balance

Your balance is very critical when you are turning. Your weight is on one side of your skateboard. By doing this, you will get a gradual and smooth turn. Lower your gravity by bending your knees while making sure you do not lean too hard.

How to stop on a skateboard

how to stop on a skateboard
  • A fundamental method when you want to stop is tail scrapping. However, you can lose control of the board if you are not careful. You should try tail scrapping on flat ground or sidewalk. There are more restrained methods like slide-stopping when starting.
  • Place your leg at the back of the skateboard. Lean forward and ensure your weight is on the feet. You should lift your arms to ensure you maintain balance.
  • Use your back foot to press the tail. Apply pressure continually until you touch the ground. Friction between the ground and skateboard slows your speed.

Beginner Skateboard Tips

At first, it will be hard. Ultimately, what will matter is how hard you train. As you keep training, you will learn how to do skateboard tricks. Once you learn how to do the basics, you will learn the complicated stuff with much ease.

Buy a good skateboard

It will be easier for you to skate if you get a good board. The best hoverboard for kids does not have to be the most expensive. Ensure to get a good board that wonโ€™t break. Consider brands that have a good reputation.

how to drop in on a skateboard

Wear the right gear

Though this may seem obvious, many beginners tend to forget. For a skateboarder, the shoe is the essential clothing. Shoes come in handy, especially when you want to stop. Ensure every time you skate; you use flat shoes.

Where to skate

When you are starting, you should avoid obstacles. Start by learning the easiest skateboard tricks. If there is concrete around your neighborhood, you should begin by skating on it. You also need a flat surface that has as little cracks as possible.

Get a trainer

It feels much better when you have a professional by your side during training. There have been where you are, and they are set to add vital information. You will learn useful tricks and skills faster, and you will become more confident. It will also help you avoid serious mistakes and injuries that may harm you.

Beginner Skateboard Tricks

There are several tricks that you can learn when you are starting. You need to have the best skateboard for kids to pull off the stunts. The skills include the following:

how to manual skateboard

Chinese nollie

To pull off the Chinese nollie successfully, you need to push your board forward so that it can bounce off a crack. Pushing the board causes the skateboard to pop from the ground. Chinese nollie is one of the most natural skateboard tricks that you can pull.


Biebelheimer is not a trick but a way for you to get off your skateboard. It is a way for you to learn how to hold a skateboard with your fingers and nose on different sides. You then turn the board at 180 degrees so that your grip tape can hit the ground.


Skateboarding is a challenging and fun sport. It is an excellent alternative to other team sports. Moreover, it is a useful model of transportation that is affordable. You need to get the best skateboard for kids at Be patient and learn each step through trial and error. Within no time, you will be a master on the board.

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