The Best Ovulation Testing Guide

The Best Ovulation Testing Guide
Last Updated: 16 March 2020

It is a beautiful thing that you’re trying out but parents hoping to get pregnant are often frustrated by the results. You might have even done tests with your husband with nothing wrong found in the both of you. You have the ability to conceive and his sperm count is just right. So, how come you keep on missing your fertility window?

The ovulation test is meant to examine the surge in the luteinizing hormone. This is present in both males and females but it is the latter we want to focus on obviously. It is produced by the gonadotropic cells which are located in the anterior pituitary gland. Whenever there is a sharp increase of LH, the corpus luteum develops which is associated with ovulation. But still, what is the tale-tell signs of how to know when do you normally ovulate? Read on to also equip yourself with how to read ovulation tests.

How Do Ovulation Tests Work?

Having explained the brief science behind ovulation, how do ovulation tests work? This is easily explained through the science of the pregnancy test kit. However, it is quite different for ovulation since you have to make use of the best ovulation test to determine the presence of the luteinizing hormones previously talked of. This call for patience on account of the tester since various factors may work against you and you might end up missing your ovulation cycle during the first 2 or so cycles. It’s normal and you shouldn’t freak out.

how do ovulation tests work

A radical rise in LH normally tracks the peak of ovulation and has also been termed as an OPK test (ovulation prediction kit). Finding out when to take the ovulation test is fully dependent on your particular menstrual cycle. With some, the 28-day regular cycle applies whereas others have irregular cycles.

Immediately after your menstrual flow, a bunch of processes starts occurring which leads to estrogen production and later on ovulation. Just how many days after your period are you ovulating? While estrogen rises around the 4th and 5th day, ovulation occurs around the 11th and 12th. The egg release occurs having being triggered by LH dominance. This is the best period to know ovulation has kicked in. What happens in cases of irregular cycles? Whereas the best ovulation test is meant to detect this, it becomes much more complicated testing the irregular days.

How Accurate Are Ovulation Tests

Some people have been known to test negative ovulation tests even when fully confirmed capable of giving birth. Even though ovulation tests are fairly accurate, ovulation with irregular periods among other factors may give negative ovulation tests all month. It should be noted here that ovulation tests shouldn’t be used to evade pregnancy due to the long life of the sperms. They may still fertilize the egg when you least expected it.

Factors which may hinder accurate ovulation test results include;

  • Using the initial urine in the morn to test.
  • Drinking lots of water before testing may have urine diluted.
  • The presence of polycystic ovaries might indicate high LH but no egg is discharged.
  • Short LH surges due to only taking one test in a day.
  • Irregularities in the hypothalamus may lead to malfunctioning of LH without ovulation occurring.
  • You probably never underwent ovulation as it can skip a cycle or two.
  • Short cycles or long ones which made you start too early or too late thus missing the whole process.
  • Poor usage of the ovulation test kits.
how to read ovulation test

How to Read Ovulation Test Kits

Once you’ve started testing for ovulation, you can use your best fertility app to keep track of your progress and also help you answer how do you know when you are ovulating? There are plenty of ways to measure surges in LH and the most common ones are ovulation test strips which resemble a pregnancy test kit.

It measures in international units per liter (IU/L). There will be an instruction manual with whichever brand you decide to use and normally a bold second line will indicate a positive ovulation test. Some ovulation test kit will also measure a rise in estrogen levels giving you an extra leeway to know when the fertility window is open.

How to Know When You Ovulate with Irregular Periods

Calculating the expected ovulation period with irregular cycles is more or less the same as regular ones. Simply take your shortest ovulation cycle in the past 7 months and work with that. Since you know the luteal phase lasts for 12-14 days, you need to give yourself roughly 3 days before the ovulation process occurs.

positive ovulation test

Thus, assuming your shortest cycle was 20 days;



Start your ovulation tests on the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle.

When is the Best Time to Take an Ovulation Test?

Having an ovulation test in the morning is highly effective if you don’t use your first urine. Give yourself a 7hrs window period for the next test as LH levels might be low in the morning. Do this following the best ovulation test given until you achieve a positive OPK.

What Time of the Day to Take an Ovulation Test

Brands differ on this particular point. Some will recommend an ovulation test in the morning due to the minimum fluid intake others suggest that LH normally surges in the afternoon. Taking only once in the day, say morning hours, exposes you to the risk of missing out on the LH surge especially if you have short cycles.

When to Take Ovulation Test with Irregular Cycle

negative ovulation tests

To determine how long after your period do you ovulate in irregular cycles, a few indicators could come in handy. Not only should you rely on taking an ovulation test but you should also keep a proper track record of measuring your basal body temperature as you monitor any variations in your cervical mucus. Do this by creating a chart on the first day of your period as note down the record for each day. You will be in a better position to notice any trends throughout the period.

Ovulating twice a month is impossible though your best ovulation test may show several LH peaks in a single cycle. Your body has been made in an amazing way such that you can’t ovulate twice in a single cycle. Make sure you have a rein on your BBT (basal body temperature) to know whether it’s gone up – this is a sure indication of ovulation. If you have a hormone imbalance, reach out for professional help.

How Long After a Positive Ovulation Test Are You Fertile?

Now it’s time to determine when to have sex after a positive ovulation test. Frankly, you can bump uglies with your mate any time you want. But if your main concern is when to hit it raw for conception, ovulation will occur around 24-48 hours once the LH surge has been detected. A positive ovulation result is a good indication of high fertility and you this is your open door to ride the flagpole in the next 3 days – should be a memorable time for you guys, make the best out of it.


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