Why you need a baby monitor and when you can stop using it

Why you need a baby monitor and when you can stop using it
Last Updated: 13 March 2020

Are Baby Monitors Necessary

Most people will ask, do I need a baby monitor or are baby monitors necessary? Yes, they are. If you need to make sure that a child is safe all the time, invest in a monitor for the baby room. Especially if you live at a house that is too big that you can’t tell what is happening in the child’s room. Having a baby monitor for three rooms or more will keep you connected to the child.

Video Monitor vs Audio Monitor

The video monitor vs audio monitor: Which one is better than the other, see some of their uses below:

video monitor vs audio monitor
  1. Checking is a child is sleeping well

Audio: The audio monitor baby will not reassure you that your child is sleeping well. You can maybe tell by listening if the child is breathing well but still with baby monitor sound only you will not be certain.

Video: With a video baby night monitor, you will be able to watch how a child is sleeping. You will be able to check his/her breathing.

  1. 2-way communication

Audio: In the best audio baby monitor, 2-way communication is not possible. One baby sound monitor can pick the voice and transmit it to the other.

Video: With a child video monitor, you can send kisses or warnings to your baby as he/she plays in another room. With baby monitors with video also, the child will be able to see your face too. The video monitor offers more reassurance and peace of mind.

where to put baby monitor camera

Where to put baby monitor camera

Knowing where to put the baby monitor camera is very crucial. What you must consider is:

  • Health and safety: This is not just about how to get baby to sleep in cribs safely. Video monitors are supposed to be placed at least 6 feet away from the child. This is the recommended distance that prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Also, if the monitor has a power cable, you must be more careful to avoid strangulation.
  • The right viewing angle: The camera viewing angle is also crucial because you do not want obstructions. Different monitors have different viewing angles. There are also others that have a remote pan, zoom and tilt option. This is awesome especially in the best baby monitor for twins because it allows you to control the viewing angle when your babies get older and start moving around the room. The zoom feature is great when one has a wide-angle camera to see the baby in a crib clearly.

What age to stop using a baby monitor

When to stop using a baby monitor totally depends on you. We do not have any rules to determine how long should a monitor last in a person’s house. From our research, we found out that most parents stop using it when the baby turns one year when they no longer stick to the newborn sleep schedule. But we also found that there are other parents who keep using it up when their children are five or six years old.

newborn baby monitor

You can, for instance, choose to stop using a baby crib monitor at night to enable you to sleep peacefully once your baby is above one year. But if you want reassurance that your baby is doing well in his/her room, you can keep on using the device until when you would like to stop.

Newborn baby monitor

If you have a newborn, there are things you must consider when buying a monitor. If your house is big, you will require a video monitor for the baby with a longer range. If you have two babies, you will require a baby monitor for two kids. You could also be concerned about the health of your baby, you may want to monitor their pulse and breathing. So, ensure you analyze all the necessary features before buying a newborn baby monitor.

Baby monitor for infants

baby monitors with video

This is a monitor meant to protect infants from danger. Having one will help you track an infant easily. A visual baby monitor can be really helpful when something is not well with the baby. For instance, if a baby has problems with breathing, he/she will need to be monitored until he is at least one year old. The aim of the baby monitor that tells you if a baby stops breathing is to make the parent respond on time. The monitor produces a sound and the parent can respond and attend to the baby.

Toddler monitor

There are monitors meant for toddlers. For example, you can get a toddler monitor that you can hang on the doorknob. The toddler door monitor will be alerting you when the child leaves the room.

Reasons to Keep Using Baby Monitor

  1. When the baby is unwell

When a baby is not feeling well, many parents like using the child monitoring camera. They use it to check if the baby is comfortable or not. With the monitor also, the parent is able to arrive at the baby room on time in case the baby’s condition worsens.

  1. When friends come to visit

Especially during the evenings when friends visit, there can be so much noise. In such times it is hard to know what is going on with the babies. So, it becomes convenient to have the best baby monitor. With good monitors again you will be able to communicate with your nanny or monitor how she takes care of the kid.

  1. When traveling

If you happen to travel with a child, do you need a baby monitor? The only way you can ensure that the child is fine is by using the best baby monitor. In fact, this is when you will need the monitor most because you do not know if the place you are in is safe for a baby or not.


As we mentioned, there is no rule or guideline to determine what age to stop using baby monitors. As per, you can use it even up to when your child is 6 years old. In fact, deciding whether to stop using the baby monitor or not can be hard, especially if your child is far from you. So, ensure you buy the best baby monitor which can serve you well until the day you will be ready to stop using it.

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