When Can You Put Sunscreen On a Baby: Best Tips

When Can You Put Sunscreen On a Baby: Best Tips
Last Updated: 21 April 2020

During hot summer days when you go out with your little one, protecting him/her from the sun’s rays is crucial since the baby’s delicate skin is super susceptible to burns and the majority of the sun damage happens in childhood. Sunburn makes the skin warm, red and painful; it can even result in headache, blistering, chills, fever and general feeling of weakness and fatigue. You don’t want that to your child, so some protective measures must be taken. You can protect the little one naturally when you stay in the shade. Actually, the best form of protection is staying inside when the sun is at its strongest point – from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. However, if you decide to go out when it’s hot and sunny, make sure to take precautions, such as proper clothing, the best baby sun hat, and sunscreen for babies. A lot of parents ask “Is sunscreen necessary?” The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend applying a small amount of it when the little one is staying under the sun.

In this post, our experts put together all the necessary information and recommendations on how and when to put the best sunscreen for kids. Scroll down!

Is Sunscreen Safe For Babies

is sunscreen safe for babies

We often get asked, “Can babies wear sunscreen?” The quick and short answer is – yes, they can. You can choose baby sunscreen which is made especially for the little ones, and it’ll be safe. However, you should remember that the younger the baby is, the more sensitive skin he/she has. Therefore, the skin might not be able to accept chemicals in the sunscreen and can develop rash, irritation or even allergic reactions. That’s why some experts don’t recommend using it on newborns. But once your baby reaches the age of 6 months you can consider the best sunscreen for kids without any hesitations. It’ll be completely safe unless your baby has some skin issues which restrict the use of SPF for kids. In such a situation, you must consult a pediatrician.

When Can Babies Use Sunscreen

when can babies use sunscreen

You’d better not to expose children to direct sun rays, keep them inside or in the shade of the best baby beach tent, especially the youngest ones. Still, what age can babies wear sunscreen? As it was mentioned above, the best age to begin is 6 months. But there is an exception for infants and newborns, read on to find out.

Can You Put Sunscreen On A Newborn

AAP (the American Academy of Pediatricians) says that if you have to go outside with a baby under 6-month-old when it’s hot and sunny, you’d better apply the best sunscreen for infants with an SPF 30-50 (not lower than 15) to small areas of baby’s body: face, hands, and feet. To make sure that the newborn won’t develop allergic reaction or rash, make a test in advance: apply a little amount of sunscreen on the hand. If there won’t be any signs of rash or redness, use it on other parts of little one’s body.

To sum up, you can use baby-safe sunscreen for newborns if it’s necessary, for example when you are heading to the beach. And don’t forget to take other baby beach essentials with you!

Can Babies Use Regular Sunscreen

It’s natural to use a sunscreen designed especially for little ones. However, if a solution has certain characteristics, it can make the best sunscreen for kids and adults. So, look for the next features:

can babies use regular sunscreen
  • Even if you are not going to be wet, choose waterproof formula
  • Try to choose a formula that’s specifically for babies or children and waterproof, even if your tot won’t be getting wet.
  • Choose a solution with zink oxide and titanium dioxide. First, they are hypoallergenic; second, these ingredients sit on the top of the derma, they don’t get absorbed like other chemical sunscreens – it prevents rashes.
  • Check if the label reads “broad-spectrum”, it means that the solution protects against UVB and UVA rays.
  • Choose solutions with SPF 30-50, not lower than 15. Experts do not recommend sunblock for baby which contains SPF more than 50 since it’s not that effective as we might expect. But it can make parents think that they don’t need to reapply sunscreen.
  • Do not choose a 2-in-1 solution that contains repellents because it’s less efficient. If your little one is older than 2 months and your pediatrician gives you the go-ahead, use a repellent separately from sunscreen. First, apply the sunscreen and after a while spray some repellent.

How To Apply Sunscreen On A Baby?

The first thing you must remember is to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. Here are simple steps to follow when you apply the solution:

how to apply sunscreen on a baby
  • Start from the baby’s feet, don’t forget to apply the solution in between his/her toes
  • Do the legs and arms, in between the fingers
  • Then apply the sunscreen on the back, neck and the rest of the body.
  • And the last place is the baby’s face. Take a little amount of sunscreen on your finger and put circles on the forehead, both cheeks, and a chin, rub it in gently, including the neck and ears, make sure not to touch eyes and lips.
  • If your kid has little hair, you’d better apply sunscreen on the top of his/her head, but it’s optional since the baby must wear a sun hat all the time while he/she is outside.
  • You also want to protect the baby’s lips with a balm that has SPF 15 or more.
how much sunscreen to use on a baby

How Much Sunscreen To Use On A Baby

For babies older than 6 months experts and dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen generously – about 1 ounce – you might be able to fill a medicine cup with it. But if your little one is less than 6 months, you shouldn’t use too much solution, and only rub it into exposed areas of the infant’s body.

How Often To Reapply Sunscreen

Never and ever forget to reapply the best sunscreen for kids, you have to do it every 2 hours, especially if the little one has been swimming or sweating.

If your baby spends time in the water, you must use waterproof sunscreen since water intensifies the sun’s rays; such a solution will work up to 80 minutes in the water. However, you have to reapply it when your baby comes out of the water.

Sun Safety Tips For Kids

There are some general rules concerning sun safety for kids. Make sure you know them to keep your baby protected.

  • Try to stay home from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – it’s peak sun hours
  • Look for shady areas and stay there with your kid
  • Cover the body of your baby with proper clothing, it must be loose and thin
  • Apply the best sunscreen for kids
  • Cover your little one’s head with wide-brimmed sun hat
  • Shield your kid with a stroller shade or use a special umbrella fixed on the side of the stroller
  • Ensure your baby is well-hydrated with formula or breast milk if he/she is under 6-month-old; have your older kid drink a lot of water while you are under the summer sun.
  • If you notice the signs os sunburn or dehydration, move him/her to the shade, give lots of water, put a cool compress on the pink patches.

As you can see the rules are very simple, but they are a must to keep your little one safe and protected.


All kids and adults regardless of skin tone need protection from the sun’s rays. So, be a good role model – apply sunscreen on yourself and your baby! This way you’ll reduce the possibility of the skin damage and your kid will learn good sun sense.

We, at, are always here to help you become a top parent.

Take care and have a fun sunny day with your little wee!

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