Last Updated: 05 March 2020

Nowadays more and more people switch from cars to bicycles. And that’s great! It’s an eco-friendly and healthy decision. In our team, almost everyone has done it! After visiting the Netherlands, our team lead had decided to quit driving and started to persuade us to follow his example. First, we, of course, refused it! But later, we took up this challenge and didn’t regret a single moment.

But, to tell the truth, there was a problem – we didn’t know how to accommodate children on our bikes! We thought that biking with babies was dangerous (to some extent it really is). But soon we found a solution – a baby bike seat. Are you hesitating to use it? Don’t! This way you are introducing your little one to the world of cycling, healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly mindset!

In this post, you’ll find the answers to the questions “How to ride a bike with a baby?” and “When can a baby ride in a bike seat?” Keep reading!

Is Helmet Important For Baby In A Bike Seat?

Is helmet important for baby in a bike sit

We start from some safety rules, after all, nothing is more important than your little wee’s safety! The first thing which comes to mind is a helmet. However, there are no helmets for infants available on the market. It is determined by their physical inability to wear this item – infant’s necks are not strong enough, and added weight will do more harm than good. But the best toddler helmet is a must, especially if you ride a kid in front- or rear-mounted baby bike seat. Is your little one an avid cyclist who adores his/her best toddler bike? Put a helmet on your child during these rides too – he/she will be happy and safe!

Where Can I Put Baby On My Bike?

Let’s find out first when your baby can ride in a bike seat. The right and the quick answer is 12 months – it is a recommended age by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP). A 1-year-old child can sit straight, support the head, his/her neck is strong enough, so they can wear a helmet. A lot of parents ask “How old are babies when they sit up?” and “When can a baby hold its head up?” – the answer is 3-6 months. But, please, don’t get tempted to sit your baby on the front or back baby bike seat – it’s too dangerous for him/her!

However, there are bicycle seats suitable for infants, and we’ll review them either. But let’s start from toddler bike seats – biking with a toddler will be safe if you install such a seat properly and keep riding rules.

Front-mounted Baby Bike Seat

A front-mounted baby bike seat is suitable for children from 1 up to 3-year-olds (some models up to 6) when they can wear a helmet. Such a bicycle seat is attached to the parent’s bicycle at the front behind the handlebars, over the top tube; the chair has a safety harness. You must be a confident cyclist to ride your little one this way because cycling feels a bit awkward, and the child is exposed to risk more. But there are lots of benefits in the biking with a baby carrier in front. Here they are:

front mounted baby bike seat
  • you watch your babe easily and don’t need to turn back constantly
  • you can communicate during a ride
  • the kid has a great overview
  • baby bike seat front is lightweight and compact
  • it is travel-friendly, you can take it with you on long-distance trips.

Rear-mounted Baby Bike Seat

A rear-mounted baby bike seat is suitable for toddlers from 1 to 6- (or even more) year-old. It installs on the rear rack of the bike to the adult’s seat post. Such a chair is larger, and, of course, has safety straps. A rear child bike seat is good for short trips around the city; it’s comfortable for parents and safe for kids.

rear mounted baby bike sit

What do we like in this baby bike seat?

  • You will use it for several years, so it’s a good investment
  • It offers more options (e.g., storage compartments)
  • It is suitable for not that experienced riders
  • Some seats recline so that a kid can nap during a ride

For older kids, you can consider another option – tandem bike attachment for a child.

It is a unit with one wheel, handlebars, and a seat; it carries a kid behind the parent’s bike. Children like such a device because it seems to them like they are riding themselves.

What Are Other Options To Ride With A Baby?

Some avid cyclists want to start riding with a baby earlier. Well, there are some options available on the market. However, you have to put your kid’s safety in the first place! When you are going to use baby bike seat front or back, ensure that a baby isn’t being jostled, his/her back is supported and he/she is protected enough in case of tip-over. The following items are our favorite infant bike seats.

cargo bike

Cargo Bike

There are different types of bicycles with a baby carriage for younger children. But one of our favorite picks for infants is a cargo bike with a bucket. The reason is simple – you can attach a car seat into the bucket, just make sure they are compatible with each other.

When the kid gets older, you’ll detach the car seat and continue to use the bucket.


The best bike trailer for kids is the choice of recreational cyclists; it is a pull-behind child carrier for a bike. A lot of parents prefer this item because it’s relatively affordable and easy to use. However, you should beware of potential jostling, which may be unsafe for infants. Look for a trailer that is compatible with a car seat – it’s the right way to make the ride more comfortable and safer for your little one.

Is It Legit To Ride With A Child?

Although biking with a baby carrier is fun and healthy, you should get to know the laws in the area you are living in or going to visit/move. Because there ate states where riding with kids under 12 months is strictly prohibited. So, to avoid troubles, learn the rules.

We, at, hope our tips will help you to choose the best baby bike seat and you’ll have lots of unforgettable hours of riding with your little one!

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