Types Of Strollers: Which Is Best For Your Kid?

Types Of Strollers: Which Is Best For Your Kid?
Last Updated: 05 March 2020

A good baby stroller is a godsend for parents! Having this item, you are flexible with your movements around the city or wherever; you can do your errands, or even go jogging, and your little one will be comfortable and entertained. But as a mom-to-be or a new mom, you may feel confused with such a wide range of different baby strollers. We often get asked “How to choose, what to look for in a stroller?”, “How many strollers do I need?”, “What type of stroller to buy?”

We’ve created this post to answer all these questions. You’ll understand which options are available on the market, which ones cater to babies’ and yours, as a parent, needs. After reading this article you’ll pick the most suitable baby stroller for you like a pro.

Which Stroller Is The Best For Me

Not only your little wee, but you either must be comfortable with a stroller. You’ll use it often, so you have to take your needs into account. What features you may want to see in the baby carriage?

  • Height adjustable handle and comfortable grip
  • Cup or bottle holders on the parents’ panel
  • Convenient and spacious storage basket

We believe that these are must-have features for all types of strollers; they’ll make rides comfortable for you, as a parent. Below we’ll see which type is suitable for you based on your needs and lifestyle.

Pram Stroller

What is pram or carriage? Pram/carriage is meant for newborns; it is rectangular in shape and flat in order to accommodate a sleeping little one. A pram is cushioned inside, it is soft and plush for a baby’s comfort and safety. This model is suitable for parents who love not hasty walkabouts. It is not car seat compatible, so if you drive often, a pram may not be a perfect choice for you.


  • This model is safe and comfortable for newborns
  • The design is adorable
  • Has a large canopy for a good shade


  • A pram will not serve for a long time; you won’t be able to use it when baby learns to sit
  • It’s too bulky for long travels
  • It’s not a convertible stroller

Bottom line: the only reason to buy a pram is its great design.

Standard Stroller

Standard strollers are the most common ones on the market. A lot of parents choose them because they are relatively lightweight (16 and 37 lbs.) and grow with your child – you can use it from the infant age up to toddlerhood. It has a proper recline for a newborn, almost flat. Such models offer convenient features as maneuverable wheels, comfy seats, and spacious storage baskets. You can confidently use this type on sidewalks, malls, and other not too rough surfaces; however, some items come with all-terrain wheels. Nowadays, almost all standard models can make the best convertible strollers – they can convert into a travel system or expand to a double stroller if your family is going to grow. Also, they might be compatible with car seats.

standard stroller


  • Fundamental models with basic features
  • Relatively lightweight and maneuverable
  • Will serve you for a long time – from newborn age to toddlerhood


  • If you need some extra features, you have to check carefully if a particular model has them
  • May not be suitable for faraway travels

Bottom line: standard stroller is a basic model, and the right one to start with.

Lightweight Stroller

A lot of parents ask “When can a baby sit in a stroller?” or “When can a baby use an umbrella stroller?” Well, when he/she can support the head and spine or sit upright, then your little one is ready to sit in a pushchair. And it’s the right time for a lightweight/umbrella stroller, which gives a kid the opportunity to watch the world during strolling.

lightweight stroller

This pushchair weighs only 8-17 lbs, so it’s perfect for trips around the city, public transport, and even flights. You can take some of the compact lightweight models on the plane board as hand-luggage. Umbrella stroller is a perfect solution for those parents who like traveling and are always on the go. This type of pushchair is easy to use: once you learn how to fold a stroller, it’ll become a breeze – it uses a one-hand mechanism so that you fold it even holding a kid. Make sure a stroller has a high-quality, reliable 3 or 5-point harness for the child’s safety.


  • These models are easy to navigate even in narrow or crowded places
  • Lightweight, compact, portable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Serve for a long time


  • Small wheels mean less maneuverability
  • A seat doesn’t fully recline
  • May have a small canopy
  • Not a convertible stroller

Bottom line: Despite this type of strollers have some drawbacks, parents do like them for their tiny weight and portability.

Jogging Stroller

Consider the best jogging stroller if you are leading an active lifestyle, go running and want to take your little one with you. Such models feature all-terrain, air-filled, shock-absorbent wheels, that reduce the impact of bumps on a baby. The front swivel wheel must be lockable. For enhanced safety, most models boast a handbrake and foot-operated parking brake. Some models can even make good jogger travel systems strollers or convertible strollers. Make sure to buy a certified model meant for jogging, do not go running with a regular stroller – it’s all about your kid’s safety. Start using a jogging stroller when your little one is 6 months old.

jogging stroller


  • It’s safe and comfortable for babies while you are jogging
  • Has a large canopy (that’s how you keep baby cool in a stroller during hot summer days)
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Hand- and foot-operated breaks
  • High-quality, reliable 3 or 5-point harness


  • This type of stroller is large and heavy
  • May not fit into your truck
  • Difficult to store

Bottom line: This stroller is just perfect and indispensable if you want to jog with your baby in a pushchair. Plus, it’s the safest baby stroller.

travel system

Travel System

What is a travel system stroller? It’s one of the most multi-functional models, which will grow with your child from the newborn age to toddlerhood. The main benefit of this type is that you can easily snap a car seat into the stroller without any adapters; you won’t need to wake up your little wee to transfer him/her from a car to your best convertible stroller. It’s an ideal solution for parents who travel a lot by car.

A high-quality travel system is quite expensive, but it’s more affordable than a car seat and a stroller bought separately. Always check the quality of the set: is a car seat certified, safe and comfortable for a baby? Is a stroller easy to push? What about wheels and other features?


  • Versatility
  • You’ll buy 1 item instead of 2 or more
  • A travel system will serve you for a long time
  • Perfect for car trips


  • Such models are heavy (26 – 32 lbs) and difficult to store
  • Not suitable for public transport
  • You must watch the quality of all parts of the set carefully

Bottom line: This type of stroller is ideal for parents who are driving a car constantly, and the rout of their kid is home – a car seat – a stroller. Plus, this item will grow with your little one. Taking these 2 factors into account, buying such a model is a solid investment.

Double Stroller

This type is for twins or babies of a small age difference. Double strollers are costlier and heavier than single ones (21 – 36 lbs.) You’ll find 2 versions in this type: side-by-side and tandem stroller. A side-by-side version has two seats next to each other. You can put twins or stair steppers into it.

Tandem has one seat behind the other, thus it is more narrow and more maneuverable than side-by-side version. The seats are often reversible.

The rear seat may be smaller and doesn’t have the same features as the front one. If you tilt back the front seat you’ll limit the space for your baby in the rear seat.

You can also choose a sit and stand stroller for your toddler and a newborn. There is a bassinet for a younger child and a small space for the older one, where he/she can stand or sit. You’ll have to learn how to convert sit and stand strollers, but it’s not a difficult process! Overall, such models offer a great deal of convenience.

double stroller


  • You can ride both your children
  • Your toddler doesn’t have to go on foot, he/she can ride with the newborn sibling
  • The models may be compatible with car seats, check this option
  • Mainly, such models are convertible strollers


  • A side-by-side model is too wide for doorways, public transport, etc.
  • In a tandem model, one of the children may feel less comfortable
  • A stroller is bulkier and heavier

Bottom line: If you are parents to twins, stair steppers or a newborn and toddler double stroller is a must for you, despite some drawbacks. By the way, there are double jogging strollers available on the market. Nothing can stop you from being active!

Car Seat Carrier

A car seat carrier is a frame with no seat; it is meant to carry a car seat, so this model is really lightweight, compact and easy to store.

You can use a car seat frame only for an infant (6-12 months). After this time you will have to buy a stroller suitable for a kid who can sit upright. Such a model is a good choice for parents who haven’t made a decision about what model to buy yet. It gives you some time to find the right type of stroller for you and your baby.

For first-time parents, it might seem an odd way to stroll with a child, but lots of parents wish they knew about it earlier.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for long trips by car
  • Foldable, easy to store
  • Makes a good convertible stroller


  • Only for infants
  • Not every model of a car seat is compatible with a frame

Bottom line: We do like this model because it’s affordable, convenient and doesn’t take up too much space. If you often drive with a baby in the car, this model is perfect for you!

Choosing The Right Type Of Stroller

Now when you know all types of strollers available on the market and their pros and cons, it won’t be a difficult task to pick the right model. However, we want to point out some criteria, which you should consider when choosing a stroller. Here is a short list for you.

  • Check if the stroller is certified
  • It’s better to choose a convertible stroller
  • Check if the wheels are all-terrain, in case you need this option
  • Amortization
  • Stroller frame – it must be durable but not too heavy
  • Brakes – it’s awesome if the stroller has a handbrake; foot-operated brakes are a must
  • Canopy – it must be large and protective
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible seat
  • The storage basket underneath the seat
  • Removable and machine washable cover

We, here at, hope that this post will be helpful and you’ll find your perfect stroller!

Tell us if you have chosen the one for your kid? What criteria are the most important for you?

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