Best Way to Start Using Sippy Cups

Best Way to Start Using Sippy Cups
Last Updated: 01 April 2020

In truth, any transition for a baby is a memorable event: be it their first time to say ‘mama’ to the very first time you watched them make those first tottering steps towards you. It is these small-time events that really make the biggest significance in the parents’ lives.

While it’s all smiles and delight for most parents, some aren’t so lucky since their kids seem to take forever moving on to the next stage. Parents are understandably worried at such moments and more often than not, end up seeking medical help assuming there’s something presumably wrong with their awesome bundle of joy. Most of these cases end up revealing the child’s complacency and state of relaxation – they are too satisfied with their present condition and need just a little push in the right direction.

weaning off bottles

We promise, if you’re used to cajoling your little babe into doing everything, they might just as well stick to bottles even to their third grade! It won’t be easy but it’s a lot of fun and you\ll get to be a dictator for once. Some kids are, however, easily adaptable to the trends and will give you an easy time. Our mission is to make sure that by the end of this article, you not only know when to transition from bottles to sippy cups but also know the best way to this. We are going to make it easier for you to decide when to introduce the sippy cup suited for him/her and also why you need to do it as soon as yesterday.

Are you ready, top mama? Let’s begin.

Bottle Vs Sippy Cup

What’s the big deal anyway? Why make all the fuss about switching from bottle to sippy cup? Bottles are practically used from around the 4th month when the mum is ready to introduce formula. Others delay until the 6th month once the baby is ready to start weaning according to the Department of Health.

Some parents mistake this as a fancy way of maturing and showing progression. In as much as it is, it also comes with its own benefits. Failure to transition from bottle to cup may have the following demerits;

bottle vs sippy cup
  • Tooth decay due to milk build-up in the teeth.
  • The risk of year infection is real especially if you started way too early.
  • Possibility of overeating at a tender age since bottle portions may be way more thus obesity.
  • The baby might eventually be quite picky with foods when they embark on solid foods.

One precautionary measure parents can apply from the time their babies start using bottles to the transition to sippy cups is making use of the best glass baby bottles instead of plastic bottles.

When to Wean Baby from Bottle

For the majority of parents, when to stop using a bottle in feeding kids is not as easy as simply following what experts recommend. From around 6-8 months, additional feeding and weaning are expected to have been introduced to supplement the breastmilk. This is around the period you should start using the best water bottle for kids also. However, as they are nearing the 1-year mark, you need to have at least made them aware of the possibility of using a cup. The further you take and delay introducing a sippy cup to your child, the more resistant they will be changing their habits.

when to wean baby from bottle

Kids’ capacity to learn only increases with age as their brain expands to contain more! They are thus willing to follow instructions or even imitate if they think something is right. By age 1, you still have control over the kind of opinions they will adopt. Nonetheless, by their second birthday, they will go all arms akimbo on you should you try to dissuade them from something they’ve held on to for all that time. At one year is essentially how old a baby should stop using a bottle.

Now that you know how old should a baby stop using a bottle, let’s now look at your next alternative – the transition from bottle to cup.

How to Wean Baby off Bottle

It’s about that time when you need to start weaning off bottles. Experts and pediatrics recommend 12-18 months for this but we would suggest 3-5 months earlier than this. You only need to start in a subtle manner until your baby has completely gotten over bottle feeding and embraced the best sippy cup.

how to wean baby off bottle
  1. Timing is everything and it requires a bit of psychology play. You wouldn’t want to wean off bottles when the little bundle is hungry, extremely moody or just from sleep. Major changes like a different babysitter or the period just from daycare might make them grump old nuggets and you want to time when they are in a happy-go-lucky state.
  2. If cold turkey worked for someone else, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work for you. Take your time and take it slow as you start teaching baby to drink from the cup. Ensure you take your time to also act as a replacement for all the attachment they had developed with their bottle.
  3. Remember to ask for additional help from other parents and the pediatrician. There’s also this adage that goes along the lines of, ‘out of sight…’ Take those bottles away and bring in some colorful sippy cups.

When Do Babies Start Using Sippy Cups?

The subject of when to introduce sippy cups could be debatable from child to child. For instance, at 6 months, some children may still not have developed the reflexes to sip from the best sippy cup and may find it strenuous and tiresome. Others may regularly cause mess everywhere every time they get hold of their cups.

when do babies start using sippy cups

That notwithstanding, if your main issue of concern is when do babies start using sippy cups, you can start as early as 6-8 months. If you’re keen to follow our methods of how to introduce a sippy cup to a kiddo, you won’t have any problems even if you delay a bit. Just don’t reach the 18th-month mark without achieving this fete. It’ll be way harder to get rid of certain habits at such an age.

How to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Now is the part you’ve all been eagerly awaiting. We are not only going to direct you on how to teach baby to use a sippy cup but we have also come up with the best way to transition from bottle to sippy cup. We’d be pleased to hear about your responses. Some of you will get immediate responses while others might take a couple of feeding sessions but you are sure to get a positive outcome.

This does not mean that it is harmful to introduce them to a regular cup. On the contrary, if you feel comfortable enough and you can easily manage the mess in the first few weeks, go for it. But if you think the best sippy cup is a plausible idea to start with, then the following tips are for you. They aren’t in any logical order and you can try any of them.

how to transition from bottle to sippy cup
  • It might be quite uncomfortable moving from the tenderness of the breast and the softness of the bottle to a hard sippy cup. So, which sippy cup is best to transition from a bottle? A soft, pliable, silicone spout will be gentler and feel more familiar to the child.
  • You can lead by example as you take the cup and sip the drink yourself as you make that sippy sound as you draw the cup of its contents. Your child might want to mimic this activity which already looks fun.
  • You may use one with a straw to make it easier for the child to sip.
  • If hesitant to try it, put the spout in formula or breast milk and give them a taste of that – it might be irresistible for them.
  • Babies are usually fond of putting everything in their mouths by the 5th month. Some will, nonetheless, not understand why you’re giving them the sippy cup in the first place. Try giving them the cup minus the spout with a few drops of water until they understand that there’s liquid inside. Using water will avoid undesirable messes.
  • Hoax them using another drink like 100% fruit juice in limited amounts (around 4 ounces in a day). Soon, they’ll be fighting for their sippy cup-like nobody’s business.
  • I’m afraid you’ll have to apply the military technique if coercion hasn’t worked by the 15th month. Only make their drinks available in a sippy cup or just a cup and refuse them anything else till they comply. If every time you give in to their demands, they’ll be controlling you your entire life.


Ever been in a game where quitting wasn’t an option for you? Guess what, you don’t have the luxury to quit on your kid at any one point. You have to start early understanding their psychology so you can use it to your advantage. It’s time for tough love mama and this doesn’t make you a fraction less beautiful. Get into the best mom’s communities such as to get more help from other mothers about such topics. After all, a burden shared is halfway on the resolution process. What’s the toughest stage you’ve gone through with your toddler? Aspire to inspire us in the comment section below.

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