Pregnancy Safe Makeup: Beauty Secrets For the New-Age Super Moms

Pregnancy Safe Makeup: Beauty Secrets For the New-Age Super Moms
Last Updated: 22 July 2020

Is it safe to make up for future mom?

organic pregnancy safe makeup

Who said that nurturing a new life means no more dressing up and having fun? Yes, of course, there are a few things you have to cut down on. No more smoke and booze with the girls, and much less junk food. Don’t worry, and you can give your little guest the best of this world without compromising on your own self-care. Why should makeup not be a part of that? It boosts your confidence and turns heads in public. The glamour world tailors clothes to flaunt baby bumps, so why not cosmetics? What if you have to step out of the home in the daytime, and the sun is glaring down upon you? Would you ditch the sunscreen for fear of harming the baby and get heat rash? It means exposing the child to future allergens. You wouldn’t dream of doing that, would you? Ever heard of pregnancy safe makeup? Yes, you read that right. New age health-conscious mommas are adopting a lifestyle which strikes the perfect balance between prenatal care and self-care. We tell you not to pay heed to those baseless scary stories about how makeup affects the unborn child. Nowadays, most cosmetics are child-safe and have no potential to cause you headaches. Yet, it is better to be cautious, for nobody knows what the baby might be allergic to. This is where pregnancy safe makeup comes in. The makers have designed it to cater to the heightened sensitivity of the skin. We are here with some expert tips about safe makeup during pregnancy.

Which are the cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy at all costs?

Product safety is the key when you choose your makeup brand; hence, avoid some substances that are usually found in cosmetics. Now that you have a baby to welcome, your body might react to otherwise typical ingredients.

Cosmetics To Avoid During Pregnancy

Watch out for toxic compounds that function as endocrine disruptors. What are endocrine disruptors? These are a broad group of chemicals to avoid during pregnancy. Why? These disrupt the smooth functioning of our body. As a pregnant woman, you ought to steer away from these for both you and your foetus’s safety.

First of all, avoid products that are fragrant because they contain phthalates. Check the backside of the items for harmful metals like lead and arsenic.

Most skincare and makeup products we use contain parabens so that they last long. Yet, they can affect on your unborn child. Hence it is better to go for paraben-free ones.

For pregnancy safe makeup, make a list of beauty products to avoid during pregnancy. What are they?

Cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy: your essential list

  • Face washes that advertise anti-blemish properties. These contain salicylic acid (found in aspirins – another ‘no’ in pregnancy) and benzoyl peroxide.
  • Blush-ons and bronzers with sodium sulfate.
  • Hair removal products containing thioglycolic acid.
  • Any anti-ageing product as it will have retinol from Vitamin A family.

Switch to safe makeup brands during pregnancy: Go organic!

Like your skincare routine, your makeup should also shift from artificial to natural products. Here is some good news: many companies are bringing out their new line of pregnancy safe makeup devoid of harmful components. In fact, the healthiest makeup brands now have moisturizers and essential oils that protect the skin. We have opted for lip crayons that are super rich in coconut oil and aloe vera. Hydrating and luxuriant, these suit all skin types. Do you have an eye makeup game that you are proud of? Let’s pick up an eyeshadow palette formulated with cocoa butter or shea butter. These ingredients give a creamy texture to the makeup, so why lose the chance to look gorgeous minus grease?

wearing makeup during pregnancy

Its summertime, and you cannot wait to hit the beach. But wait, are you thinking of staying back this time because of the nasty sunburn you got last time on the beach? Fear no more, for we have the best outdoor tanning lotion containing DHA and SPF products that are safe for skin. Whether you want a natural sun-kissed radiance or a deep golden-brown tan, apply as you need. Check out our range of beauty products enriched with prenatal vitamins like Vitamin C and Omega 3 to get the best of pregnancy care.

Finals words

Remember, the best aid to prenatal beauty is happiness. With this safe makeup during pregnancy guide, we hope it will be a lot easier for you to say hello to the much-awaited angel. Share the love by letting us know how our recommended products from made your momma skin glow.

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