The Ultimate Postpartum Checklist

The Ultimate Postpartum Checklist
Last Updated: 20 January 2020

It takes more than being heavily pregnant to give birth and better yet, it goes further to require some skills and knowledge on how to go about the postpartum period. You’d agree with us, the next forty days of postnatal care is a particular period in a mother’s life. There’s too much to be handled and leave alone what the society, in general, expects from mommies having a baby. Not forgetting, there’s the work aspect; remember your family needs to feed, and going back to work is something you also need to keep in mind after a few weeks. This is not only office work, but there are the day-to-day household chores that ought to be attended to.

In this article, we’re going to look into the afterbirth care with some of the new mom care packages that are essential for overall performance during the postpartum care period. There are the new mom must-haves that are quite fundamental during this period, and one can’t imagine a life without. Let us take you through them.

Importance of Postpartum Self Care

Baby with his Mom

Every year in Africa, 125,000 women and 870,000 newborns die in the first few days after birth, and this is due to poor postpartum care. We know you’ve gone ahead to read some of the parenting books to guide you through the entire pregnancy period. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be enough to enable you to hack through the emotions that come with handling a newborn, leave some of the everyday duties that caregivers still need to do. There are lots of excitements that come with being a new mom, but hey, admit it; you’re not that good, are you!

In most pregnancy-related platforms, there’s little that is addressed concerning the postpartum period, and yet it has so far proven to be the most draining. It is during this period that moms lose themselves to caring for their babies. Postpartum care is key; take this message with you everywhere you go. This will increase your bonding and elevate your hormonally downgraded moods. Check out these critical postpartum priorities;

  • Feed Well; Babies can be a pain and feeding could be your least of concerns, forgetting that you need to feed and stay energized to attend to your baby or better yet provide nutrition for healthy milk production. Eating healthy should be among the top of your postpartum care concerns. Good practice would be to eat together with your baby; let’s say feed while the baby is breastfeeding. This can be easy to keep up with. For breastfeeding mothers, be keen on the fluid intake.

  • Vitamin Supplements; The breastfeeding period requires lots of vitamins like you can imagine. In addition to some minerals. Seek professional advice on your doses and stay on top of the chain.

  • Adequate Sleep; The better you sleep, the better your performance. Newborn babies tend to sleep in breaks for at least sixteen hours. This will mean you’ll have to be on the radar in case they wake. If not careful, you might not sleep and be on the watch. A great hack to this is sleeping whenever the baby is sleeping and doesn’t follow a specific schedule. These quick naps will sum up to enough rest at the end of the day.

  • Go Slow with Your Breastfeeding; At the start, it can be as challenging, the breast pain, and back pain. You could apply nipple cream for blisters and seek advice from some of the lactation consultants.

  • Seek Assistance; Everybody needs some alone time to figure things out, and that’s where an extra hand comes in handy. At some point, you could use some reinforcements to look after your baby while you attend to other personal issues. If you find someone ready for postpartum help, don’t hesitate to embrace it.

Why Mums Need a Postpartum Care Kit

Postpartum care kit

Mothers show up at the hospital with half-packed postpartum necessities while others even fail to come with a postpartum kit. For some reason, you’d blame in on the mother’s Ignorance of afterbirth items, but then again, Ignorance is no defense!

The postpartum care package is of great importance and you should take it seriously. You get overwhelmed with the thought of your baby, and this will most times prompt you to focus all your energy and resources on the baby, forgetting that you also need a postpartum recovery kit. It should occur to you that you need items for your postpartum recovery period. You find you in excess pain, you can’t be able to walk or at times starve yourself while breastfeeding your little one. Well, if you die who’ll be left to take care of your baby!

It’s quite sad that the universe lets you wait for nine months to meet your golden little one. That period is full of the tire; sick modes leave alone the weight on your tummy. Then you give birth, to meet a different kind of torture. Then comes in the postpartum period, you don’t wish to imagine.

And now you still want to go without postpartum essentials? No, can’t do! This is a must-have for the new moms to ease the trauma and soothe the postpartum period. You ought to know what you precisely need; it varies with different mothers; others need more while others are less. Where do you belong as a mother?

Some hospitals have gone ahead to offer these postpartum supplies to mothers after delivery and before going home. If it means emptying the hospital cabinets for the mommy must-haves, then why not! Some of these items are useful during the third trimester of pregnancy. Assist you in gearing up for the upcoming delivery. You don’t want to miss it!

Mommy Must Haves Postpartum Care Kit

 Postpartum Care Kit

Let’s get you a faster recovery. Stay tuned and find out what to include in your mommy basket;

1. Peri-bottle

If at all you’re searching for what to buy a new mom for herself; then this shouldn’t miss. This is available in the hospital, but carrying one home is something you ought to consider. It’s typically placed in the bathroom and in the diaper bag too. If at all you’re living in a big house with several bathrooms, good practice would be to place at least one in each bathroom for tranquility. There’s a good deal where you’ll find a three-in-one package.

2. Pads and Undies

Tranquility is crucial, and being able to switch between postnatal pads as much as you can is something mothers should look forward to. You’d find some in hospitals, quite cheap and affordable, and we’d instead you go for those like the hospital ones. The amount you need might be a challenge, but at least buy enough that wouldn’t run you short. You could seek guidance from the midwives by the hospital.

Going for the best underwear for after birth, which is pocket-friendly is something you should consider. Mesh giant panties are the best option.

3. Lavender Oil for Sitz Bath and Epsom Salts

Sitz baths are good for recovery. You’d ask mothers who’ve tried it, and they’ll tell you, that’s all you need. Do you know how to perform a sitz bath? If at all you don’t here are instructions on how to perform a sitz bath. But to get you up-to-speed, what you need is a bathtub.

The Epsom salts, despite being cheap, are reliable when it comes to reducing the swelling and itching; the lavender oil is for healing and soothing. This is what is put in the sitz bath and should, therefore, be included in the mommy gift basket.

4. Painkillers and Laxatives

This should be included in the new mommy care package. We’d recommend you go for Tylenol and Advil, and they can be easily rotated. You’d notice the same in the hospital. To gain more knowledge on the same, reach out to your health provider to be informed on how to go about using these medications.

The laxatives, despite you not having a rough time down there, are essential to get rid of pushing. This strains the perineal region and interferes with the healing process.

Postpartum Care Kit Supplies for Breastfeeding

Let’s take a quick look at care packages for new moms that are specific to breastfeeding alone;

1. Nursing Bras

This must-haves for a new mom is required from the first day. Chances are, your precious little one might throw upon you, and you’d need to have covered your breasts. Is it a bra you be using for more than a year or so, we’d instead you go for some cheap but okay bra that will cover you during the entire period. While at this, look out for comfort in the maternity support bras. They might as well come in handy during night time by preventing you from soaking the bed.

2. Nipple Essentials

After Giving Birth

The nursing process is not a walk in the park-like you’d see mothers’ breastfeeding their little ones with ease. There is breast pain that comes along. A nipple shield should be part of your postpartum care essentials to cover you during the first few weeks.

Nipple cream is also essential. Coconut oil can be a substitute to this; some prefer this due to its natural flavor so long you remember to wash it off before the baby breastfeeds.

3. Breast Pads

These mommy must-haves have some gel that keeps your breasts dry, and you won’t even feel it. You should consider them.


Go easy on yourself; the ultimate postpartum checklist we just issued you should get you going. What more could you possibly need! Taking care of your little one is not a walk in the park, but there’s the good part, which is the memories you share. The postpartum care kit is here to spice up the whole experience.

What are some of the care package for new moms you know? Share with!

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