What color should baby poop be?

What color should baby poop be?
Last Updated: 24 March 2020

What Causes Black Stool

Newborn black poop is found in the lower bowel of a newborn. Now what causes black stool is the bile which is the fluid released in the liver to help indigestion. Besides bile, newborn poop has an amniotic fluid, lanugo (the hair which covers the baby while in the uterus), dead skin cells, bilirubin, and mucus.

What Is Meconium

what is meconium

Meconium stool is the first poop of the baby. Unlike other stools, the newbornโ€™s stool color is acquired from all things ingested while a baby was developing in the uterus. That includes things like intestinal epithelial cells, amniotic fluid, water, bile, lanugo, and mucus. Babies have newborn mucus poop or the black stool during the first 2 or 3 days after being born.

It is crucial to note that if a newborn fails to pass meconium in the first twenty-four hours this might an indicator of a medical condition like intestinal obstruction. So, now that you know what is meconium and what does black poop mean in newborns, ensure to consult a pediatrician fails to pass it.

How Long Do Babies Poop Meconium?

When the newborn gets to at least 3 days old, the black tarry stool might be over. Newborn black stool is followed by transitional stools that are loose and greenish-brown in color. During these times, the child must be handled by someone who knows how to change a diaper. You may also use homemade baby wipes to wipe a child and it is good to also have the best changing table where you will be cleaning and changing the diapers. Having the best diaper bags for keeping the diapers is also recommended. And do diapers expire? Ensure to check before buying, most diapers have two to three yearsโ€™ average expiration date.

And if when changing the best overnight diapers you find that your baby still has meconium poop after 3 days or transitional poop after 5 days, consult a pediatrician. The delay in how long do babies poop meconium could be a sign that the child is not getting sufficient food or there could be another concern.

what color should baby poop be

What Color Should Baby Poop Be

Normal baby poop can have several colors and firmness.

The initial poop is normally dark and sticky. This black stool comes during the initial twenty hours after birth.

And how long does meconium last? If you breastfeed the baby exclusively, the stool might turn yellow or somehow green and can be having creamy or mushy consistency.

Newborns that are formula-fed have pasty, peanut butter-like poop.

The green poop is also normal.

Knowing how often should a newborn poop is very crucial too. Ensure to go to a medic if the baby poops more or less often than normal, or anytime you notice something strange on the best overnight diapers.

Normal breastfed baby poop

how often should a newborn poop

If you breastfeed a newborn exclusively, his/her poop might become yellow or a bit green and will have a creamy or mushy consistency. Breastfed baby poop might additionally be runny like diarrhea. Babies who are being breastfed have stools that look like Dijon mustard and cottage cheese put together. Their stool can also be dotted with small seed-like flecks.

There can also be normal shades in the breastfed stool. For instance, a babyโ€™s stool can have a green hue which shouldnโ€™t worry you.

Babies who are formula-fed have pasty, peanut butter-like stool which can be green-brown, yellow-brown or tan-brown. Another this about this stool is that its smell is more pungent than that of normal breastfed baby poop.


Most newborns will have black poop during the 1st day of their life. This stool slowly gets less tarry and thick within the 1st week. As per most comments, this kind of stool might be difficult to clean. However, if you apply the best diaper rash treatment to the bottom of a child, you will be able to change your best overnight diapers easily.

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