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Jimmy Maysa

Experience matters a lot. Jimmy is a proud daddy with 3 kids: 1- month- old boy, two girls 2 and 5 years old, respectively. Prior to the birth of his first kid, he acquired the knowledge himself about every product category that suits little children and even his pregnant wife. Now with his life experience, he can suggest the perfect things to be bought for your new bundle of joy.

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Baby sucking thumb

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How to Stop Sucking Thumb
Are you one of those parents who are anxious about their child’s thumb-sucking? Are you looking for some easy ways to stop the sucking habit of your kid? Then go ...

15 August 2019

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  • Best Toddler Bike
    • 10 Best Toddler Bikes Full 2019 Review
    • Picture a bike for toddlers with perfect features and reliable construction that any kid would definitely love. If only the best toddler tricycle or bike can be bought anywhere, then it would be so much easier. Seeing a child become active outdoors is something that make parents happy. But right now, it’s impossible to find the right one that a toddler will love. Going to bike stores, browsing online, and ...
  • Best Toddler Travel Bed
    • Check out the Best Toddler Bed
    • Sleeping the necessary amount of hours and the quality of sleep are all vital elements for the growth and development of toddlers and children The sleep hours per child are determined by age since among the smallest need more hours than the rest. When we are traveling, we choose to sleep less and do more. But what about our children? We all want the best for them. In this case, ...
  • Best Toys For Toddler
    • Toys are potential things that can aid in both physical and mental development of your kid right from a few days after their birth. As for babies, they are genuinely eager to know about the world around them. Every new sound, smell, taste, texture, color, shape, or so can wonderfully stimulate all their senses and gifts them a special learning experience. For example, observing vibrant colors can aid in developing ...
  • Best Baby Washcloths
    • Best Baby Washcloths on the Market in 2019
    • Rating:

    • In your little angel’s first months, its health is more important than anything and for that, you have to ensure that every item you use is child-friendly, even if we talk about shampoo, food or clothes. That is why you need to know everything about what you are about to buy for your kid. The best baby washcloths are essential when bathing because their skin is very sensitive in their ...
  • Toddler toothbrush
    • Top-Rated Baby Toothbrushes in 2019: Consumer Reports
    • Think of a toddler having perfectly clean teeth, with fresh breath all the time, and healthy gums. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? You will not see a lot of nasty surprises in their mouth when you check because of a good toothbrush. If every toothbrush gave the same results and cleans teeth, how excellent is that? Even experienced parents do not know everything about the best baby toothbrush, and where to ...
  • best kid shoes brands
    • Find the Best Toddler Shoes On Market In 2019
    • Your toddler is growing so fast that you sometimes ask yourself is it really necessary to buy quality shoes. Anyways they will very fast outgrow the size of the shoes. The importance of buying good quality toddler shoes lays in the fact that they allow healthy feet developing.
  • best sun protection hats for babies
    • Best Baby Sun Hats 2019: Top Products for Your Little One
    • No parent would want a baby to get exposed to much sunlight during hot summer months. But, surprisingly, not all parents invest in the best baby sun hats. Some of them prefer to use regular baby hats, or they may improvise with anything at hand. It isn’t right for kids because standard caps are not designed to give the necessary protection from the scorching sun that babies needs. Plenty of ...
  • Child car seat protector
    • Save Your Car from Your Kid with Best Car Seat Protector for Baby
    • A parent’s life revolves around their kids. They accompany you wherever you go, sometimes they mess the vehicle. This leaves the upholstery messy, especially if it’s leather. There’s a simple solution to the problem. Just buy one of the best car seat protectors that can also prevent your pets from scratching, staining your chair. Just wipe or wash them when messy, re-use. Some vehicle owners consider these seat covers for ...
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