Dressing Your Baby for Sleep in 70-degree Room: the Guidelines

Dressing Your Baby for Sleep in 70-degree Room: the Guidelines
Last Updated: 28 October 2020

Many moms have this unsolved puzzle of “how to dress baby for sleep in a 70-degree room?”. They want to find the answer to this question, so their young one is neither too cold nor too hot. Your newborn won’t tell you whether they’re freezing or getting too hot. This article provides answers to this puzzle and helps you keep your child calm all through. Follow our recommendations to get to know the best variant for your little one and sleep well.

Why Proper Bedtime Baby Dressing Is Important?

An overdressed infant will be very uncomfortable and, as a result, may not sleep well, especially on a hot day. More so, exposing your young one to a cold environment may bring about sickness like respiratory problems. Having sensitive skin, babies need proper dressing and a regularized room temperature.

What Is Ideal Temperature for Baby to Sleep?

It’s undebatable that babies sleep most of their time, whether night or day. Thus, it’s essential to know the right room temperature for your toddler to sleep comfortably for long hours. The best and the recommended temperature is anything between 68 and 72 degrees F (20-22 degrees C).

baby sleeping in warm clothes

How Can I Track a Temperature?

Most modern houses have thermostats that keep temperature checks; however, this doesn’t show the temperature in your child’s room. A baby monitor is ideal for keeping track of your child’s room temperature. You can get the best baby monitor in most online stores available.

Dressing Baby for Sleep

Are you still confused about how to dress baby for sleep in a 72-degree room? Dressing baby for bed is critical to their comfort. As a mom, you have to get this right. How to dress baby for sleep in winter can also be a challenge, here are a few things to ponder:

Considering A Fabric

There are several fabrics ranging from wool, to cotton, to linen, to fleece. Depending on the type of weather, all fabrics work fine. Wool is the best for winter since it blocks out cold air and helps maintain body heat. Cotton garments are suitable for both cold and warm conditions and tender on your child’s skin.

baby sleeping near baby monitor

Considering Clothing Type

What to dress baby in at night is still a challenge to new moms. A thin cotton onesie would be perfect for the summer. If that’s not warm enough, add a blanket. Baby blankets help keep them warm; unfortunately, they can also be a risk to sudden infant death syndrome, suffocation, or smothering if they pull it over their face.

70-Degree Room Baby Dressing Tips

70-degree is the ideal child room temperature. Here are some tips on how to dress baby for sleep in a 70-degree room: avoid overdressing your little one, pick the best baby blanket material, and also consider cozy and well-fitting onesies. Here are basic guidelines for baby dressing.

Recommended Clothing
Below 17°C (Cool climate) Long sleeve footed onesie or winter-weight clothing.
17.8°C – 23.2°C (Ideal climate) Long sleeve legless onesie or lightweight clothing.
Above 23.3°C (Warm climate) Short sleeve legless onesie or lightweight clothing.

How Do I Know If Baby Is Overheated at Night?

baby sleeping in sleep sack

High body or room temperature can cause discomfort to your child. So, how do you know if they are overheated? Here are some of the things to check:

If your child shows such symptoms, consider unwrapping them or lowering the room temperature.

How Do I Know If Baby Is Too Cold at Night?

As a mom, you have to know how to read your newborn’s body. There are several ways to tell if your little one is getting cold at night. They include:

  • Feeling your child’s feet and hands, they should be as warm as the body.
  • Touch your child’s chest or tummy.

If your child frequently gets cold at night, you can consider buying a child-safe space heater.

Final word

Most moms overdress their young ones with the fear of exposing them to cold. However, this makes them sweaty and uncomfortable. For a child to be comfortable and sleep well, they have to be in a regularized temperature, body, and room temperature. How to dress baby for sleep determines how long they’ll sleep.

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