A Complete Guide on How to Clean Baby Ears

A Complete Guide on How to Clean Baby Ears
Last Updated: 16 January 2020

Do You Need to Clean Your Baby’s Ears?

We cannot achieve the goal of ear cleaning without thinking about safety. Indeed, several approaches and tools are used when it comes to caring for the baby’s ears, but safety must be considered. First, whichever method is chosen has to be safe for the child and secondly for the user. Cleaning a child’s ears is not as easy as we may think, and it involves a lot of best ear cleaning methods.

What Causes Earwax to Build up in my Baby’s Ear?

What causes earwax to build up in my baby’s ear

Our ear gland is made such that it naturally produces wax (cerumen) to trap things such as dirt, small crawling insects, and any other harmful foreign material that may interfere with our ear. Understanding how to clean baby ears, therefore, begins with assessing processes that lead to ear-oil excretion. You will realize that the gland is what causes earwax. The wax might come in different color ranges. This could be from brown to yellow. For the young ones, it is not only softer but also lighter. It is imperative to learn natural ways to remove ear wax.

When is Earwax a Problem?

When is earwax a problem

We cannot think of a better technique of cleaning earwax when we do not understand when it becomes a problem. The natural excretion of the wax leads to piling up, drying out, and the wax moving to the outer ear from where it falls out. Our body can naturally get rid of the wax; however, when it is too much for the baby, it becomes a problem ranging from itchiness, earaches, and possible ear loss. More so, a baby can have a lot of discomforts resulting from the accumulation of excessive wax; therefore, ear wax cleaning becomes a very important undertaking.

Why Does My Baby Have a Lot of Earwax?

Why does my baby have a lot of earwax

We have established that naturally, the ear glands produce wax to keep our lugholes safe and healthy. Babies, just like adults, need wax for protection. Unlike adults who can protect their ears from crawling insects and dust, this may not be the case for children, and that is why proper cleaning for babies becomes mandatory. The wax may accumulate when not cleaned. The more it remains unattended to, the more it piles on a baby’s ear.

How to Clean a Baby’s Ears

What do you think is the best way to get earwax out? We must appreciate that the safe way to clean ears requires one to be very meticulous in addition to having the right tools. As we undertake to complete the task successfully, it is paramount to consider the Dos and the Don’ts.

  • It’s better not to use a cotton swab, it may rapture the delicate eardrum of a baby. Also, do not use things which are not appropriate for this purpose, such as sticks, baby toothbrush, needles, etc. It’s really dangerous!
  • Do not use your fingers to remove wax. Your fingernails could cause more disaster than you can imagine. Apart from transferring germs, it can also rapture the baby’s ear.
  • What you can do is to use special drops or mineral oil? This is far much safer. We have to take note of the fact that wax is not bad for lugholes, and we only need to get rid of it when it becomes excess. Make sure you know how to use ear wax drops.

How to Clean Your Baby’s Ears Using a Washcloth

How to Clean Baby Ears Using a Washcloth

This is one of the commonly used methods to clean the baby’s ears, and pediatricians mostly recommend it. This method primarily entails cleaning the outer part of a baby’s ear. One has to keep in mind the following steps:

  • Put a washcloth in warm, clean water and rinse. Take caution that the water is not hot.
  • To ensure that there is no excess water on the washcloth, wring it out well.
  • Then rub the outer ear gently to clean earwax.

Cleaning Baby’s Ears Using Baby Ear Drops

How to Clean Baby Ears Using Baby Ear Drops

Many of us take such a risk of cleaning wax, but it is not the right approach, especially when the pediatricians do not authorize it. Ear cleaning drops can only be applied after we have sought a doctor’s opinion on the best ear cleaning method. Products that have not been certified by the pediatrician can be dangerous, and for that reason, we must always strive to seek medical advice.

You may be wondering how to remove earwax at home. Seek first the pediatrician’s green light and, if positive, use a clean bottle and fill it halfway with hydrogen peroxide where recommended then add water to fill it up. On how to clean the baby ear, make a solution, shake it well so that it can mix, then put a few drops using a dropper.

Mineral oil for ear cleaning

Mineral oil for ear cleaning

In order to dissolve hard wax and make it easy to remove, mineral oil works well. You may ask how long does it take for olive oil to clear ear wax. Well, when applied, it naturally removes the wax from the baby’s ear. Administering oil can be done once, or two nights a week; it is a means of how to clean baby ears.

Safety Tips

It is imperative to note the following:

  • Clip baby’s nails with baby nail clippers so that he/she doesn’t scratch himself/herself because of itchiness occasioned by the excess wax
  • For hydrogen peroxide, you should warm up the solution by rubbing the bottle between your arms before applying it
  • Use a Boppy pillow to ensure that the baby is calm when using the ear drop
  • Ensure that the dropper is filled to up to an appropriate level
  • Make it a drop at a time
  • Ensure that the drop gets inside the canal by keeping the baby lying steel
  • Use mineral oil to clean ears
  • Consider for yourself, is earwax dangerous, and what is the best removal procedure?

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep your baby’s ears clean, consider homemade baby wipes to save some money. You can also consider purchasing the best baby first aid kit having all you need to clean a child’s ear.

When you understand what ear wax is and what causes it, then you are good to go in terms of appreciating how to clean baby ears. Just like a doctor, understanding the problem before finding a remedy is always the fundamental step. We need to check with the pediatrician before applying any method or ear cleaning liquids. Also, we must remember that ear cleaning should not disrupt the newborn sleep schedule.

Do you have any questions concerning the process of cleaning a baby’s ear that you’d want to ask? Kindly leave your comments below. If you need more information on care for baby’s ears, check out for some great tips!

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