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Learn the Proper Steps on How to Clean a Pack N’ Play Mat

Learn the Proper Steps on How to Clean a Pack N’ Play Mat
Last Updated: 18 September 2019

When a new family member is coming, the first thing most parents search for is the right baby mattress. Most of them soon find out that there are a lot of options available, and one of the most versatile is pack n play mat. These mats are a combination of elements that can help you keep your baby safe while you do a few chores. As it happens with most toddlers’ toys and accessories, you need to learn how to clean a pack n play mat.

How to Clean a Pack n Play Mat?

The good thing about baby pack n play mats is that they are long-lasting and you can pass them down from one child to another. A used pack n play is not uncommon among families with lots of kids. To make this item last for a long time, we have to clean and disinfect a pack and play mat every once in a while. This is not that hard to accomplish at all, but if you are a first-time parent, you will need some guidance on how to do so.

How do we Clean a Pack n Play Mat?

Pack n Plays are very convenient. They are the ultimate safe space when it comes to keeping a baby out of harm’s way if we are having a busy morning. The problem is that even if you are using a pack and play cover to keep it clean, it will get dirty. After all, your baby is sitting there for a few hours sleeping, sweating, drooling, and relieving himself. So, how to wash a pack n play? You can use standard approaches to clean a pack n play mat, but if you let time pass, you will have to use more thorough methods such as scrubbing. Read on, and you’ll get to know all the best methods for cleaning your baby’s item!

What is the Material Used to Make Pack N Play Mats?

What is Pack N Play mattress made of

When you look for pack n pay mats, you will notice a lot of variations on the same theme. You will find a lot of different options as well as accessories for it. A quick online search will let you see many models of travel pack n play, playpen mattress pad, and padded pack n play sheet, as well as covers for all of them. A quality pack n play mat resembles a lot a regular mattress. You can get them with inner springs or with foam cores. You will also find options that suit babies with allergies.

Among the many options available for a baby mattress, you can choose between organic covers or artificial ones. You will also find unique hypoallergenic covers, as well as others lined with microbial and antibacterial features. All these options are manufactured under medical supervision to suit the unique body chemistry of every baby. If your little angel doesn’t have any allergies, you probably will prefer a pack n play mat created using sturdier materials. You can choose waterproof options. They are very helpful in dealing with leaky diapers as well.

Cleaning Methods to be Used On a Pack N’ Play Mat

Scrub and Rinse

The easiest way to clean a pack n play mat is this oldest method. It’s great if you have enough space for it, but you can also pursuit this cleaning method in a small area such as your bathroom. You simply need to take out the pack and play to an open space and scrub it down to the last inch of the surface. To make this work the right way, prepare a solution using soft detergent and warm water. If the pack n play mat has a cover, you’d better take it out and wash in the machine. Make sure it gets properly dried out before putting it back together again and getting your baby on it. A half-dried mat can create health problems for your baby.

Different Cleaning Methods

Full Cleaning

Kids are natural spellers. Even with safety bottles and all the preventions taken by parents to avoid a mess, they will always end up spilling something. Baby pack n plays take a lot of punishment in this regard. The best way is to deep clean a playpen mat when a massive spill occurs. It makes a bit more time than a simple scrub, but it gets the job done. First, you need to take off the pack and play mattress and fold the frame. Take both pieces and place them on a bathtub, fill it with hot water, half a cup of detergent, and a small cup of baking soda, and vinegar. Let it all soak for an hour at least, and then spray it down in the shower or use a hose. Let it dry in the sun and check for any residuals before putting everything back together.

Spot Cleaning

The last recommended way to keep a pack and play clean is to make sure a mattress is always in top condition at all moments. This approach is probably best suited for stay-at-home parents that have the time for it. While there are no preconceived rules about how to do this, we have found that the best way is to keep a cleaning solution ready at all times to take care of any mess right after it happens. The ingredients for this solution could be water and vinegar or water mixed with soft soap. A brand cleaner suited for cleaning spots is available on almost every market so you can use these products as well.

Final Tips on How to Clean a Pack n Play Mat

A few tips How to Clean a Pack n Play Mat

You need to keep in mind that most medical professionals will always recommend you to clean baby’s accessories and keep them free of dirt and germs. Toys, bedsheets, and pack n plays are in this category. There is not a recommended schedule. Going over this every single day is not obligatory, but cleaning a pack n play mat several times a week would be perfect.

Do your best to avoid mold and stains on your pack and play and toddler toys by keeping them sanitized. A spill that stays too long on a baby mattress is an invitation for potential fungus and bacteria to swarm the surface of the pack n play mat and bring long-gestating illnesses. It can be pretty overwhelming as for a first-time parent to keep on top of everything, but we are pretty sure you can pull it through for the sake of your new family member.

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