How many swaddles do you need – Everything You Need to Know

How many swaddles do you need - Everything You Need to Know
Last Updated: 07 May 2020

We know parents can attest to this, you’ve just finished rocking your baby to sleep, your body is probably sleep deprived. But just as you are putting your baby in bed, he/she wakes up. A total nightmare, well, the perfect solution is using a baby swaddle blanket.

With swaddles blankets, your baby will sleep like an angel. They are not just for decoration; they will help your baby feel warm and comfy, improving his/her overall sleep. There are various types of swaddle blankets; in this post, we are going to have detailed and in-depth information about everything concerning this type of coverages. It’s going to be quite an adventure!

How Many Swaddling Blankets Do I Need?

Swaddle sack provides your baby with a hugging sensation. It will boost his/her immunity and improve overall mood enabling him/her to sleep and eat better. We know its music to the years of many parents out there.

Depending on how often you do your laundry, we strongly recommend a minimum of two coverages. One you can use on your baby and an extra one (preferably thin blanket) when you change it. For those parents whose babies spit up a lot, we would recommend using 4-8 swaddles.

what is a receiving blanket

What is a receiving blanket?

When your baby is about to arrive, one of the most common accessories that most mothers use to welcome their newborn babies into the world is receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are typically made of a soft and thin material, mostly premium cotton, plush or flannel making them perfect as newborn baby blankets.

It has a size of 30 inches by 30 inches, what stands out the most about this blanket is its versatility, you can use it for virtually everything. They are handy for mothers when performing small tasks such as cuddling, feeding, or changing.

As the baby gets older, the transitional swaddle has plenty of use; you can use a few of your amateur fashion skills into good use. With receiving blankets, you’ll never run out of options.

Do you need receiving blankets and swaddling blankets? Receiving blanket vs. swaddle

Both receiving and swaddling blankets are regarded as the same. But they have significant differences, one of them is a swaddle size.

Do you need receiving blankets and swaddling blankets

Swaddle blankets are usually larger in shape with a two-winged design that can easily cover your little one. On the other hand, receiving blankets are 30 by 30 inches with a square or rectangular shape; they have a large size that can also be used as swaddling. However, your baby may quickly outgrow them.

Baby swaddle blankets are easily stretchable and will safely tuck your child in. For receiving, they don’t have elasticity at all.

Depending on your baby’s need and preference, both swaddle and receiving blanket will get the job done. Just ensure your baby’s safety and comfortability is of paramount importance.

The only notable differences between muslin and receiving are muslin mainly used by older babies while receiving blankets are used right after birth. The muslin swaddle is made of loose cotton for easier breathability.

Should you wash Swaddles before baby

Should you wash before baby use?

It’s always important to wash your blanket before using it. Regardless of where you got, whether it was bought or gifted to you, its whereabouts are unknown or who touched it. The safer option is always to wash it to prevent any ailment or sickness.

The blankets may appear clean and germ-free. But, always remember your baby is tightly wrapped around it; they sweat, cry, and feed in ut, which makes them dirty. There are also germs and pathogens all around the house, or other members of the household can bring them.

To maintain the freshness and quality of your swaddle blanket, it is recommended to wash them daily, ensuring your child receives wholesome protection throughout.

How big should your swaddle blanket be?

How big should a swaddle blanket be

Our babies are not the same when it comes to size; they all have different shapes and sizes. It is also vital to factor in that your baby will considerably grow between birth to three months when transitioning from the swaddle will begin.

We all want our babies to be safely tucked in and be comfortable. Size is one of the essential factors that you should always look at when you are in the market for a swaddling blanket.

We recommend going a 47 by 47 inches, making them large enough that will completely cover your infant. Always check the sizing as different manufacturers produce different sizes to ensure you choose the right size for your baby.

How to use these Blankets

The beauty of swaddling is its simplicity, it’s not a tedious task, and you can quickly learn it at home. All you need to do is find a routine that is both comfortable for you and your toddlers.

how to use a swaddle blanket

Here are a few simple steps on how to use them

  • Fold it into a diamond shape and lay you baby on his/her back, ensure your baby is at the center of the folds
  • Place your baby’s right arm alongside their body, pull the blanket across the baby’s arm and chest. Tuck the remaining part under your baby. Ensure the left arm is completely free
  • At your baby’s feet, fold the bottom side as you move upwards, ensuring it’s a tight swaddle. Tuck the pointed part.
  • For the remaining portion, wrap it all over your baby’s chest and arms and tuck the fabric under the baby to ensure he/she is completely secure.


Choosing the right wearable blanket baby can be a tedious and challenging process, we have made everything easier. Now you know what to look for in a baby blanket that will cater to all of your needs and preference.

We at believe that lightweight swaddles are a baby must-haves that will ensure your baby is comfortable round the clock. Remember, a happy baby translates to a happy mom! Cheers!

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