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Evelyn Harper

Evelyn Harper

Evelyn is a proud mother of twins. She conducts a thorough analysis to find out the first-class baby products that suit different body types. With profound knowledge, she is here to help you to get the sound products for your kids starting from the diapers to their cute clothes.

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How to Use a Boppy Pillow

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How to Use a Boppy Pillow
A boppy pillow enables you to bond with the infant during feeding time. The good thing about this pillow is that you can use it for nursing and feeding when ...

09 December 2019

washing cloth diapers

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Washing Cloth Diapers
One huge thing that would freak a person is cleaning a diaper cloth on their own. Even though it may not seem as bad as it sounds, this idea of ...

02 September 2019

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  • Best Shoe for Pregnancy
    • Finding the Best Shoe for Pregnancy
    • Rating:

    • Who else feels things take longer than usual during pregnancy? Well, that's because, with pregnancy comes discomforting experiences as swollen feet and ankle, as well as low back pain. Thus, to salvage this situation, you'll need shoes made of soft and tender materials. The good news is there are best shoes for pregnancy on the market, great enough to lend comfortability to ...
  • Best Maternity Jeans
    • Finding the Best Maternity Jeans in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful and exciting period in a woman's life. You are looking forward to meeting a little human growing in your belly for nine months, preparing things for her or his arrival, and so on. But , it also comes with changes and frustrations. When you are pregnant, you are going through a lot of changes – both mentally and physically, and they require some adjusting. Especially ...
  • Best Scar Cream
    • Finding the Best Scar Cream in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Intro: Almost everybody has marks - whether they are tree-climbing or acne scars, a scar from a c-section or stretch marks. Scarring can be caused by inflammatory conditions, e.g. acne or injuries; they result in the change of skin’s collagen structure. There are no even 2 scars that are the same, but we've got two ways to get rid of them. You can visit a dermatologist and get treatment based ...
  • Best Baby Fence
    • Finding the Best Baby Fence in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Babies give us extreme happiness. Managing them is certainly a herculean task though! As they grow from infant stage to 2 years of age we want them to play safe and engage well. Continuously monitoring them becomes difficult. If there is a wide play area with sufficient safety precautions; it is just great! Traditionally, we employ a nanny to take care of the babies or the parents, in turn, engage ...
  • Best Triple Jogging Stroller
    • Finding the Best Triple Jogging Stroller in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Intro: Having a big family is the best thing in the world, and having multiple kids is even better! Do you have baby triplets or a “pair and spare '' close in age? Then the best triple stroller is a must for you because when you have 3 babies and 2 hands, it’s just impossible to cope with them alone. Ok, but what if you are a sporty person and ...
  • Best Tandem Stroller
    • Finding The Best Tandem Stroller In 2020
    • Rating:

    • Children can be a handful. It might sound harsh to say it like this, but nobody can deny that raising a kid is a lot of work. Of course, we love them, care about them, want to take them everywhere, and spend our time with them. They make us proud and happy. Nevertheless, despite all the unconditional love we feel for them, it is impossible to say that they don't ...
  • Best Toys for 2 Year Olds
    • Finding The Best Toys for 2 Year Olds in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Are you on the hunt for the best toy for your 2 year old? We have put together the best toys for 2 year olds to help narrow down your search. Keeping a two year old busy can be a real challenge. As a parent, you are sure to get exhausted easily trying to put up with your little one’s daily routine. How about channeling all this energy and enthusiasm ...
  • Best Toys For 1 Year Old
    • Finding The Best Toys For 1 Year Old In 2020
    • Rating:

    • You are going to your niece's first birthday party. Or your son’s? What could you buy as 1-year old birthday gifts?? If you are on a hunt for gifts for 1 year old, you will realize even before you begin that it is a particularly challenging task. They aren't babies, but they are also not toddlers, but something in between. In this period, their minds are developing rapidly, and they ...
  • Best Changing Table
    • Finding The Best Changing Table In 2020
    • Rating:

    • All new parents can relate to the stinky job of changing tons of diapers. Well, someone has to do it. We have great news! Cleaning up becomes easy by using the best changing table available. As they have built-in drawers, stock them with supplies that you need for your infant. By keeping things within reach, you don’t have to run around in between while changing nappies. Babies change around 10 ...
  • Best Baby Bouncer
    • Best Baby Bouncer: Fun For A Baby & Timeout For You
    • Rating:

    • Baby brings so much joy to parents’ life! However, raising him/her may be challenging at times. Strain in arms, house chores, desire to have some rest - all mommies are familiar with that stuff. Actually, there are lots of means to make new parents’ lives easier! And one of them is the best baby bouncer. Why do you need it? It helps to lull a child It entertains a child ...
  • Best Fitness Tracker for Kids
    • A definitive guide to buying the best fitness tracker for kids
    • Rating:

    • Wearable technology has made it possible to motivate the young and old to be active. In a busy lifestyle, a fitness tracker is the kind of device that can remind you to be on your toes and stay active. By picking the best fitness tracker for kids, it is possible to inculcate the habit of physical fitness exercises right from a young age. Given the growing demand in this segment, ...
  • Best Diaper Bag
    • The Best Diaper Bags For 2020
    • Rating:

    • Traveling with an infant is quite a daunting task. As you have to pack everything necessary by giving attention to details carefully. That’s why modern parents resort to getting the best diaper bags available in the market. These days parents use the carrier not just for diapers but also for other essential items as well. These include feeding bottles, baby wipes, rash creams, and lotions. Some even use it to ...
  • Best Toddler Bed
    • Finding the best toddler bed in 2020
    • Rating:

    • All little ones would vote for their own best toddler bed. They have their own opinion about everything, don't they? The parents have to guess what their kids will be fond of and choose the safest toddler beds for boys and girls. It will also be nice if such a bed matches the interior of the room and takes as little space as you have for it. Well, it doesn't ...
  • Best Dollhouses
    • Rating:

    • The best dollhouse is one of the most favorite toys for children. Almost all adults remember themselves playing with such houses, although most of them were hand-made, these moments are memorable, aren’t they? Kids like playing pretend games, and psychologists recommend encouraging such activities. Dollhouses are often involved in such games. And they are the right tools if you want to teach your child: positive behavior conflict resolution expressing emotions ...
  • Best Breast Pump
    • Best Breast Pump: Top Products Exposed
    • Rating:

    • Now, everybody knows that the best way to feed a child is to nurse her or him. Though breastfeeding isn't always possible or straightforward. Sometimes there are medical reasons why breastfeeding isn't an option like PCOS or hypoplastic breasts (insufficient glandular tissue), or some other more severe conditions. Some women also cannot breastfeed because they adopted their babies, another reason is when women have to get back to work shortly ...
  • Best Baby Gate
    • Best Baby Gate 2020 professional reviews
    • Rating:

    • Two premiere institutions, the American Academy Of Paediatrics and the Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital came out with two independent reports with regard to children injuring themselves at home. The former reports that stairs are one of the ten major accident spots for babies and young children. And the latter’s report claims that the maximum number of children brought in to the Emergency is with head and neck injuries that are ...
  • Boppy slipcovered pillow review 2020
    • Boppy slipcovered pillow review 2020
    • Rating:

    • Contrary to what some people may think, a traditional pillow made of feathers or down featuring a rectangular shape does not work well in every situation. Depending on your personal sleeping patterns, there is a vast array of pillow models you can choose from in order to make sure that you benefit from a relaxing sleep. But who’s to say that all pillows should be used only for sleeping? Pregnancy ...
  • Best Baby Bassinets
    • Best Baby Bassinets for Great Sleep and Comfort
    • Rating:

    • Seeing your little angel's little face while sleeping peacefully in his/her baby bassinet is one of the greatest pleasures of being parents. A crib where your baby will have sweet dreams and rest quietly is the safest place for a baby to sleep. Regardless of when you are going to use it, the crib is one of those essential items when you have a baby. Babies often spend more time ...
  • Best Books for 5-Year-Olds
    • Best Books for 5-Year-Olds That You Should Have in Your Library
    • Rating:

    • We all want the best for our kids, and that applies to education either. However, long before you start thinking about kindergartens, schools, and other forms of learning, you need to start thinking about the early stages of this process. As parents, we want our kids to have a strong sense of what is right and a set of morals. However, it is not such an easy thing to achieve. ...
  • Best Natural Diapers
    • Take Care of your Baby with the Best Natural Diapers
    • Rating:

    • Although all diapers may look similar, no two diaper companies make them the same. There are 2 main types: disposable and cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are an excellent boon for today’s caretakers; they will be part and parcel of your life for at least the next few years. They do an excellent job of keeping the baby’s delicate skin dry. It does away with frequent diaper changes because they are ...
  • Best Baby Rocker
    • Best Baby Rocker 2020: Complete Reviews & Comparison
    • Rating:

    • When it comes to getting everything done while managing your child, it can become hectic. Knowing that your little one has a place he/she can swing, relax, and nap in, can help you get through your day. There are plenty of tasks to get done around the home every day, so using the best baby rocker can help lull your baby to sleep while you're getting them done. If you're ...
  • Best Toddler Backpack
    • Best Adorable and Comfortable Toddler Backpacks
    • Rating:

    • Do you have an active toddler who likes spending time outside with all those toys he/she has? And you MUST carry all that stuff in your bag or arms! Oh, we do understand! But how about allowing your little one to carry his/her things all alone? It'll teach your toddler a kind of responsibility, plus he/she will feel like an adult! And your hands won't hurt anymore after each walk. ...
  • Best Double Strollers
    • Best Double Strollers: Because Kids Like to Stay Together
    • Do you have twins? Is your family growing and you’re going to have the second child? Then you need the best double stroller! It’s a really convenient item! If you’ve got two kids, you won’t do without it. But it’s so challenging to choose a proper one, which will fit all your needs! If you’ve already tried to select a double stroller, you understand what we are talking about! There ...
  • safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper
    • Best Baby Nail Clippers for a Happy Baby Care in 2020
    • Babies are frequently touching their bodies with their hands, which are often out of their control during the first few months of life. It can result in a lot of scratches if nails are not trimmed well. However, trimming on a baby is not an easy task unless a special product like a baby nail clipper is used. It is possible to trim fingernails easily by using the best baby ...
  • best diaper pail for cloth diapers
    • Best Diaper Pails Reviews, FAQ and Buying Guide
    • Out of all beautiful things happening when you have your first baby, nothing prepares you for the smell of used nappies. Yes, he or she is your little bundle of joy, and there’s nothing more amazing than holding your baby for the first time. However, no one would argue that used nappies are gross. Luckily though, if you use the best diaper pail, you won’t have to worry about not ...
  • top rated baby wipes
    • Best Baby Wipes 2020 – Everything you need to know
    • They are perfect for keeping your newborn clean, especially during traveling. The best baby wipes are a perfect product for everyday use when you need to clean the child’s bottoms, face, hands. Your baby will grow out of the nappies, but the mess will continue. Having products that don’t contain chemicals is vital for young skin and health, and at the same time lowers down the impact put on the ...
  • Cheap baby walker
    • Best Baby Walkers Loved By Parents And Kids in 2020
    • As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. Keeping your child entertained might be your priority, but keeping your child safe must be your prime concern. So, we have a list of the best baby walkers for infants. When it comes to buying this gear, parents have plenty of questions on their minds. Do you need one? Will baby walkers help babies to walk? Are baby ...
  • baby wrap carrier
    • The Best Baby Wrap in 2020 does an incredible job. See how!
    • Choosing the best baby wrap in 2020 is difficult for parents, as children of different ages have different demands, e.g. a newborn prefers to nap at mommy’s chest, but an older child would like to have a kind of freedom to learn the environment. For parents who wish to arrange things, here is some information to know and make a choice of the best baby carrier according to his/her needs. ...
  • Best nursing covers for breastfeeding
    • Best Nursing Cover on the Market in 2020
    • All mothers know, that when baby needs food, they’ll let them know that for sure. That’s not something you can delay and would be perfect to go to a nursing room, or somewhere clean and private to breastfeed. Unfortunately, very few cities can provide perfect conditions for mothers to breastfeed whenever infant needs. In situations like these, a mother would be lost without the best ...
  • best diaper bag for two kids
    • Best Diaper Bag for Twins on the Market in 2020
    • It’s your first one-day trip with your twins, so you have so much to take along – a good supply of diapers, feeding bottles and more. This point can make you wonder which the best diaper bags for twins is. Things get confusing because it’s difficult to choose with the best backpack diaper bag for twins in the market. We are here to help with ...
  • Development toys for 2 year olds
    • Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girl on the Market in 2020
    • Rating:

    • When it comes to what to get for a 2-year-old girl, every parent's instinct is to buy tons, even when a baby has only a few days of being in this world. We think we can speak for all parents when we say that everybody wants their angel to grow up and be well developed. Not many parents know this, but having the best toys for a 2-year-old baby girl, ...
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