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Elizabeth Barletta

A frequent traveler has 2 kids: 1 and 5 years old. Previously, it was quite difficult for her to handle the kids with varying weather conditions that they were prone to while traveling. Now, she knows the appropriate clothes, bottle and cream choices for both mother and baby that comforts them the most.

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when can babies go swimming in a pool

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When Can Your Baby Go Swimming
Everybody loves their newborn child so much that they want to share their experiences with them. Parent and newborn swimming sessions are one of the most bonding experiences for a ...

24 June 2019

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  • Best Baby Humidifier
    • Finding The Best Baby Humidifier In 2019
    • Rating:

    • The best room humidifier is an ultimate device for a baby’s nursery to keep the air in the room clean. In colder months, when the heating system continuously robs the natural moisture from the air, the best baby humidifier helps to maintain proper conditions and add that much-needed moisture. It creates the best breathing condition for the baby to fall asleep peacefully. We know how challenging it may be to ...
  • Best Lightweight Stroller
    • The best lightweight stroller types 2019: reviews and buying tips
    • Rating:

    • A run to the store with a baby should not be a challenge. Every mommy has enough on her hands already, and she definitely does not need any extra load when running the errands or talking the little one for a walk. Getting the best lightweight stroller money can buy is a start to ensure portability, maneuverability, and overall comfort. Still, a simple look at the available selection will show ...
  • Best Baby Walkers for Carpet
    • Best Baby Walkers For Your Precious One: 2019 Selection Reviewed
    • Rating:

    • The first steps are tough— both literally and figuratively. So, when your baby starts practicing his/her very first steps, you'll want to speed up the process as much as you possibly can. Searching for the best baby walkers for carpet and other flooring types surely seems a great solution. Still, there is so much debate about the benefits and potential risks that not all parents can easily make up their ...
  • Best Organic Baby Formula
    • Best Organic Baby Formula for healthy Tummy
    • Rating:

    • Whether you are strictly bottle-feeding or supplementing formula in combination with breast milk, there is no doubt that what we put into our babies' bellies is of paramount importance for their growth and development. With it in mind, choosing a baby formula brand can be downright hallucinatory with so many different options on the market, each promoting a range of different varieties with ingredients that sound essential. To narrow down ...
  • Best Baby Activity Center
    • Best Baby Activity Center 2019: Easy-to-read Guide & Comparison
    • Rating:

    • Every mom understands how important it is to begin teaching a child from an early age. One of the most natural methods to do so is by investing in the best baby activity center. These nifty devices can be used to entertain your child while also providing them with developmental baby activities. We've taken all the stress of finding the best baby activity center, and you just have to choose ...
  • Best Toothpaste For Kids
    • The Best Toothpaste For Kids For 2019
    • Rating:

    • Maintaining dental hygiene from an early age is an essential part of growing up. Hence, searching for the best toothpaste for kids that suits their requirements is essential. Finding the right one will impart a healthy dental habit for the remaining part of life. However, getting your toddler into the habit of brushing teeth daily is a challenging task. To top it all, if it is not the right paste, ...
  • Best Baby Food Maker
    • Best Baby Food Makers 2019
    • Rating:

    • Caring for a child is no joke, especially for first-time parents. You barely have time to care for yourself as you attend to your kid’s needs. From changing diapers to preparing homemade meals for your child, you need all the help you can get. That’s why we’ve gathered the best baby food makers in one master list. It shouldn’t be too difficult or time-consuming to make meals for your child. ...
  • Best Water Bottle for Kids
    • Best Water Bottle for Kids on the Market in 2019
    • Rating:

    • Packing your kid’s lunch with a sugary beverage is not the best idea. It’s definitely not the most cost-effective route either, plus it’s environmentally irresponsible. So you must send off your child to school or some other activity, armed with the best water bottle for kids. With a kid's reusable water bottle, you can rest assured that yours will be sipping on water or some healthy beverage that you’ve prepared ...
  • Best Swaddle Blankets
    • Best Swaddle Blankets In 2019: A Guide For Nursing Mothers
    • One of the necessities for a nursing mother is a swaddle blanket that has protective functions for a baby who is probably sleeping or having fun. To see them swaddled perfectly requires the best swaddle blankets, and they come in different forms, designs, shapes, and sizes concerning the baby in question, i.e., boy or girl. However, the use of swaddle blankets cannot be overemphasized. That is why it's essential to ...
  • best travel bottle warmer
    • Rating:

    • Now you’ve got your sweet little one who makes you so happy. But you have lots of stuff to do either, and there is so little time! You need some help! And special devices are an excellent solution for you! One of them is the best baby bottle warmer. Why? Because one of the most important and frequent parts of your baby’s day is feeding. No matter, you are a ...
  • best ring sling brands
    • Best Ring Sling Review
    • After carrying your baby for 9 months, you feel the urge to keep it close to your body even after its birth. The only problem is that you might get tired or you want to do something else at the same time. Here comes an idea of a ring sling. This is perfect for both dads and moms and what it does is keeping your baby close to you, making ...
  • bra during pregnancy
    • Read our full maternity bras guide and choose the best for you!
    • During pregnancy, hormonal change and weight gain can make your breasts significantly larger. Around 6-8 weeks you will already outgrow your old bra. It's a great idea to invest in a new quality product. But it’s rather challenging to choose a proper uplift! And there are so many questions! How to choose a high-quality product? What is the best price? There are several types of these special bras. What is ...
  • stylish nursing tops
    • Our Take On The Best Nursing Tops In 2019
    • Imagine finding a nursing vest that offers excellent support and is very practical. It could be the best thing you can get during your breastfeeding days. There are many who have the assumption that comfortable nursing clothes are expensive. What if we told you that, irrespective of your budget you can easily find breastfeeding clothes that suit you? We bring here a list of the most popular and comfortable nursing ...
  • Best natural baby lotion
    • Find the best Baby Lotion for your baby’s skin.
    • There are no doubts that the baby’s skin is one of the most delicate and finest things you can touch on the earth. And caring parents must choose the best baby lotion for the skin to keep it soft and silky. Applying a gentle, high-quality cream can improve kid's skin and reduce unwanted harshness and dryness. With that being said, let’s take a look at what is the best baby ...
  • best blankets for newborn babies
    • Best Baby Blankets 2019
    • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the best baby blankets? For us, it’s the image of Linus Van Pelt, brilliant Peanuts character who never went anywhere without his best cover friend. We sometimes think, maybe you agree with us, that parents buy these soft baby blankets just because of the design. Like, it’s more for them to enjoy covering their sleeping bundle of ...
  • best pillow for toddler
    • Best Toddler Pillow
    • Pillows are part of, for many of us, necessary sleeping equipment. It is not just that sleeping becomes more enjoyable with good quality, adequate model. It also plays a role in preventing and eliminating neck and back problems. You might think that babies can't have neck pains but in fact, it's a total misconception. Same as you, newborns are likely to have neck problems if they are sleeping in an ...
  • month by month baby memory book
    • Keep all the Memories with the Best Baby Memory Book in 2019
    • Pregnancy and childbirth are the most memorable events in your life. While you spend weeks and months preparing for it, life seems to fly by, once your bundle of joy lands in your hands. Then your child is at school, and then – at college before you know it. A baby girl memory book, a baby boy memory book or something neutral can put a pause. It is perfect for ...
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