Last Updated: 09 April 2020

We are seeing a lot of countries going on lockdowns, governments introducing more and more severe measures, borders shutting down. We can leave the house only to get supplies, do some sports, go with kids outside a bit, so they don’t stir crazy closed in the house or take our dogs for a walk. We also, of course, can go to the doctor if we have symptoms of coronavirus infection.

The situation appears to be terrifying, but at the same time, it is the only way to deal with such a grave situation, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We are witnessing numbers of infected people and people who are dying increasingly rapidly in many countries around the world and Italy. Most of us are starting to worry about our and the health of those we care about and especially kids.

Can Babies Get Coronavirus

With all that is going on, it is reasons that parents are super worried about babies. However, according to a researcher from Johns Hopkins and other institutes of medicine, the analyses show that even if babies can catch the virus, the symptoms are generally very mild. Nevertheless, it can be useful to have a basal thermometer to check your baby’s temperature if needed.

Keep in mind, even though coronavirus in babies and coronavirus in infants is not severe, we still don’t have a vaccine nor the cure. That’s why you must protect your kids and take all coronavirus precautions to make sure they go through this completely unharmed.

How to Overcome Your Anxiety About Coronavirus

The best way to tackle anxiety is to get informed.

do you need to discuss coronavirus with your kid

We feel fear when there are things that we cannot control or understand. And this situation includes both. What is clear is that this virus has the power to spread very quickly among people and to do serious harm, which in some cases results in death. And we see that in some countries, like Italy and Spain, people are dying in masses. It is super scary, no? Even though it is terrifying when you put it this way, there is another way to look at things. Getting informed on coronaviruses and what is coronavirus in humans can help.

So, what is coronavirus? Scientists say that this is a broad group of viruses that circulate mainly among animals. Still, sometimes it happens that they find a new host – humans. When this happens, humans start to spread it among each other, and its infection can grow to become epidemic or, in some cases, like now pandemic. COVID – 19 isn’t the first disease that developed like this – remember SARS and avian (bird) flu? The difference here is that it is spreading among people much quicker than other viruses that we know.

coronavirus symptoms

Also, it is essential to understand what coronavirus symptoms are. This virus causes the disease of the respiratory system, and in that it is similar to flu. However, there are differences between common virus symptoms and coronavirus infection. According to the WHO and CDC, the symptoms include cough, high fever, and difficulty breathing. It is not excluded that other symptoms that are more flu-like appear, but it isn’t the rule either. The best way to check if you have a fever is to use a basal thermometer.

At present, the best you can do is to prevent and follow instructions on how to avoid coronavirus. You need to clean your house, sanitize your home entirely, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, and then everything will be okay. At present, there is no clear information on how to treat coronavirus. It is essential to know that even if highly contagious, this virus for most people doesn’t cause more significant problems than the cold or the flu. It is, however, dangerous for those who have some severe health problems and older people. In this case, it is difficult to speak about possibilities for coronavirus treatment.

Another thing that we know is how long is coronavirus contagious. If you get infected, you need to stay quarantined for 14 days. It is how long the virus is active on the average, and you can spread it to other people during this time. It is necessary to respect this recommendation because even you don’t exhibit any symptoms, you can be contagious. After this, you will be tested two times. If both tests turn out to be negative, then you are not spreading the infection anymore.

Do You Need to Discuss Coronavirus with Your Kid

Well, if your kid is old enough to understand what is going on, then we would say yes. Kids are also bound to be at home, and their activities and plans are postponed.

Many schools are organizing online classes. This situation is confusing and uneasy even for us and let alone for children. Therefore we believe that it is essential to explain to them all from how long does coronavirus last to answer all other questions they might have. Of course, given you know the answers.

How Can I Protect My Baby from Coronavirus

What is most important is coronavirus prevention. Besides standard protocol, which includes hand washing and sanitizing the home, what you can do is make sure that your kids have all vaccines. Even if these things are not related, if you take good care of your child’s health, there are higher chances that you will avoid going to the doctor at this moment when the hospitals are full, and it’s much easier to get infected. Also, maybe you should consider flu shots for your child because if they get another sickness besides coronavirus, the treatment can be more complicated. Another thing is to make sure to have a basal thermometer in the house to check if the baby has a fever if she or he feels unwell.

Can I Still Go Out With My Baby

Well, a lot of countries introduced different measures to stop the pandemic, and among those is confinement in the house and curfew. Of course, some exemptions will allow you to leave the house, and therefore you can go out with a baby. But if you do, it is essential to avoid crowded places and places with sick people. You can go to a park but keep the required distance to prevent getting infected.

how should i wash my baby`s hands

How Should I Wash My Baby's Hands

If you have a baby, you can wash her hands with soap and water and clean them with wipes. If the kids are older, then you have to teach them how to wash their hands properly for 20 seconds. Sometimes children can be reluctant to do it. In this case, you can sing together or play a game while they are washing to keep them entertained.

Can Baby Vitamins Prevent Coronavirus

Even before WHO declared the pandemic, people began to rush to buy vitamin complexes for themselves as well for their children. The reason for this is they believed that vitamins could boost their immune system, thus preventing the infection. However, while it is okay to take vitamins and to get best toddler vitamins for your kid, in general, they are not going to do anything useful in this case. Giving high doses of vitamins to your child can make them sick.

Can Coronavirus Be in Baby Food

Not really. It cannot be in food. However, it can stay the best baby food maker. Therefore, you need to make sure to sanitize it thoroughly before you use it.

Can Coronavirus Live on Baby Bottles or Pacifiers

can coronavirus live on baby bottles or pacifiers

Yes, unfortunately. But this is not about coronavirus per se but generally viruses and bacteria. When you are exclusively breastfeeding, it is more straightforward, but when your babies are bottle-fed, you need to be careful. Make sure to clean and sanitize the best bottle for a breastfed baby and best baby pacifiers. If you are not sure how to do it, check out how to sterilize baby bottles.

What should you do if your baby got sick

The first thing you should understand in a situation when you suspect the presence of a virus in your child is that you should be absolutely calm and not panic, because no one except you, in the first place, will be able to help your baby.

In any case, if you notice that your child has a fever, his breathing is faster or slower than usual, he has weakness and cough, you should immediately contact your pediatrician. Next, leave everything to professionals, your doctor will tell you where to turn and how to proceed.

Do not forget about simple precautions during quarantine, this will be the best security for your children in this period.


All findings that we have so far show that children are less likely to get coronavirus. Even if they do, the disease will probably, at worst, be mild and often without any symptoms. You may wonder why are then schools closed? It is because of general precautions, and also, the fact that kids don’t get sick doesn’t mean they can’t get infected and spread the disease. Keep in mind that there is no need to panic. Just take care and if you are feeling poorly, take a temperature with the best basal thermometer and contact your healthcare provider if necessary. In the meantime, to make self-isolation less stressful, we propose that you check out other articles that has for you.

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