Best Telescope for Kids To Buy in 2020 (Our Top 10)

Last Updated: 01 October 2020
Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope

Suffice it to say that getting your children the right birthday present or giving them something to enhance their creativity could be a little difficult and requires suggestion and extra efforts from you. Buying the telescope for kids wouldn't be such a bad idea because it has a lot to do with the world around them. You should consider it alongside any other presents. Thus, in this article we will guide you.


While telescopes are essential tools for stargazers, it is also a fantastic device to put in your home for your children. The product for kids is so much different from every other type on the market because they have advanced basic features that make it fun. While you may think conventional devices wouldn’t last long, the best one for kids are highly-durable if adequately maintained. Thus, the reviews from real users proves that. We then recommend to you, Orion SkyQuest XT8.

Since there are several such devices in the world today, each representing one brand or the other, it is sufficient to buy one that offers excellent value for money. Brands, such as Orion and Celestron, produce unique products with right aperture size, tube, ocular pieces, magnification which are essential. However, some of those can be seen in our top 10 reviews below, check through for one that catches your attention.


Isn’t it refreshing to know that you could make your kids see the beauty of science and nature just from the stars? While they were young, they were told stories of how the stars unite and how beautiful they are at night, even some were described shooting stars. However, for you to enhance their learning and satisfy their curiosity, a device for kids is the right choice. In essence, there are many things to learn about the stars, and the only device you could get the kids is an outstanding model with superb features!


The primary purpose is to view stars, planets, and galaxies. Thus, anything less than this shouldn’t be considered. In this review, you will find various kinds of devices used in viewing long distant spatial objects in which one of them are planets. Nevertheless, one should be ready for the price at which it would be offered to consumers.


This critical section of the article helps consumers to make better decisions. A telescope for kids may have excellent features. Some models even offer incredible options so that the buying decision could be severe. We’ll list here buying guides to help you select your number one model out of many. Below are several factors to consider when buying, and while one may possess a good percentage of all, another may possess few. However, your preference at the end of the day should be according to what you are expecting and your budget.

Emarth Telescope, Travel Scope, 70mm Astronomical Refracter Telescope


This is referred to as the size of the mirror or lens of a refractor or reflector telescope, and it is categorized as the more significant the size, the better the quality of revelation of the sky. Therefore, this proves that the size of a model does not limit the field of sight that will be produced as long as the aperture is excellent. That is why, from the above, the different products have been compared with the size of apertures, and the highest so far is 8 inches (215mm).


The main accessories are the Red Flashlight, Color Kit, Star Map, Eyepieces/Barlow lens, and Maintenance Kit. The presence of accessories attracts users to get a unit from a particular brand. Although the device may not contain all of the above, it is expected to have at least one or two, and the products on our list are good examples.


While some models come at a very reasonable price, some are expensive, and there could be limitations getting both. For instance, one that you admire could come at a high price which your budget may not be up to. Hence, it is advisable to go for an alternative. Cost is a prime factor to consider before purchasing anything.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Original Talking Telescope

If you check from the comparison above, there was high regard for age groups that could make use of a device. This is important for the level of assimilating and understanding what it has to offer. Little kids are like beginners that require something simple to comprehend. If it isn’t comprehensible, the attention quotient could be lost, making him or her uninterested later on and limiting the purpose of why the device was bought.


Refractors make use of a lens in place of mirrors, and this makes them very valuable. However, there are benefits with using reflectors; one is that it is convenient and suitable for little kids, and another is that it requires low maintenance. It is something for you to consider when buying.


These are mirrors used to replace the lens in Refractor devices, and it requires a good selection strategy. When buying a reflector, consider getting a bigger one because the bigger it is, the better it gathers light to itself. Sometimes, they come in two pieces, which means their maintenance has to be topnotch.


Mounts come in two types: alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts. Each model for kids has benefits to users. For alt-azimuth, it is reliable and is for bulky devices, but with limitations in tracking stars while equatorial is built on a motorized design and can be used to follow stars.


This is the longevity or how long the quality of a product will last. This is essential to make the right decisions on what to buy, mainly when it comes at a very modest price. Pick the first telescope for kids that are highly durable and superb in quality!


Celestron 31042 AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope

Having this device is a getaway for parents because they are investing their children’s future and imparting them with knowledge of science. There are so many things kids won’t be taught within the four walls of a classroom. Thus, stuff like those requires a personal study. It may not be comfortable picking the birthday present, but if there is one thing, we are confident of, anyone would love telescopes as one. You don’t need to get something too expensive before you learn about the stars, skies, and planets. Pick a useful type out of many, and we believe our buying guide helps to complete the task. In our opinion, the Orion SkyQuest Dobsonian is a winner and the best telescope for kids 2020, taking into consideration the wide variety of factors and features. The Orion family is a famous brand, and according to the Orion review, it is the top-rated model for kids available. It allows you to explore, clearly view images from far off, and it is quite affordable if you are thinking of the price. This is why it is the winner at least until a better product with more incredible features is manufactured. However, your preference could be different due to one reason or another.

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