Treating Diaper Rash, What is the Best Remedy?

Treating Diaper Rash, What is the Best Remedy?
Last Updated: 27 December 2019

What is good for diaper rash? Is there a home remedy for it? How do I know when to take baby to the doctor for diaper rash? What is the best diaper rash treatment? Is there a safe cream available on the market today for my baby? These are some of the many questions that infant mothers ask on the subject. Therefore, there’s no need to worry as you aren’t alone. There’s a lot on the topic that every parent must know for the good of their newborns. Well, the industry has seen significant development. There are natural baby care diapers available and other newborn diaper rash treatment, which offer a lot of relief to both mother/father and baby. We hope to resolve your concerns.

What is Diaper Rash?

diaper rash treatment for babies

Before you can get to understand why babies get diaper rash, it’s critical to understand what it is. This understanding is also essential for providing the most efficient treatment for babies. Toddlers diaper rash is an inflammation of the skin, also known as dermatitis. The inflammation occurs on the baby’s bottom or the genital area as red/bright red spots in patches or red scales (as in the genitalia region). Some will describe the spots as rashes; however, what’s important to know is that they will have a reddish appearance. Now, that we have an understanding of what it is, what causes it?

What are the Causes of Diaper Rash?

To solve the puzzle of infants diaper problem, understanding the causes is crucial as it helps with treatment. There are many different causes which can stem from any of the following:

  • Sensitive skin
  • A wet (not frequently changed) pant
  • Change in diet

The above mentioned are the top 3 popular reasons as to why many babies suffer from the ailment. However, there are many other factors to consider as to how do babies get diaper rash. They include any of the following scenarios;

  • Using wipes for diaper rash enhancement, specifically the ones that have alcohol
  • Toddlers can get it as a side effect from antibiotics
  • There’s a chance of getting diaper rash from diarrhea treatment when the parent doesn’t exercise good hygiene.

The Different Types of Infants Diaper Rash

To prescribe treatment successfully, it’s critical to understand the various types of diaper rash. They result from multiple causes just as the names suggest;

  • Allergic dermatitis from allergic reactions
  • Bacterial dermatitis from bacterial infection
  • Candida dermatitis from yeast infection
  • Irritant dermatitis from sensitive skin.

It’s also important to note that diaper rash on baby boy and that on a baby girl have slight variations. Each type presents its symptoms; for instance, in some cases, there are diaper rash blisters. Therefore, understanding the kind of rash helps with diagnosis and providing the appropriate treatment.

Why is it Important to Keep it Clean and Dry?

Keep clean and dry Example

The most prevalent cause of baby diaper rash is overstaying with a wet pant. When it isn’t frequently changed as appropriate, and the baby overstays with pee or poop, the probability of getting an infection increase. Therefore, always keeping the pant area clean and dry is critical.

Although the cold at night can prove to be a challenge, you have to change diaper at night. This is especially when they are still new-borns. You can invest in a room heater or purchase high quality pants that can last all night long. Keeping the area clean and dry is both a prevention mechanism and remedy for the rash.

Useful Tips When Changing Diapers

Even the best baby treatment won’t work if your pants changing system is unclean or unsafe in any way for the infant. The best way of how to prevent diaper rash is to adopt hygienic and safe routines. The following will be useful:-

  • Ensure that you frequently change pants
  • The infant should at least spend some time without a pant on every day
  • Avoid tightening the pant too much
  • Whenever you’re changing the baby ensure that you place them on a clean surface, you can have a changing towel
  • Use diaper rash powder for treatment
  • Find pants for different situations, for example, diapers for the pool, night and daytime
  • Use clean a clean cloth to wipe baby and avoid chafing.

What You Need to Know About Creams and Jellies

causes diaper rash

Self-diagnosis and treatment are common among parents when treating the rash. Well, it’s a widespread problem. However, there’s a need to exercise great caution when prescribing treatment to avoid making the situation worse than it already is. The typical treatment for the rash is the use of OTC (Over the Counter) creams and jellies. But how much do we really know about them, and are they safe for our babies?

Ideally, using cream to prevent diaper rash is reasonable; however, it’s vital to know its composition. A cream containing Zinc is good because they create a barrier between the baby’s skin and the pee or poop without being harsh on their skin. Well, using vaseline for diaper rashes has the same effect and is inexpensive, but it doesn’t create as strong a barrier. Your doctor can also prescribe mild hydrocortisone cream for diaper rash. Or an antifungal cream for diaper rash. Note, that creams and jellies with steroids are okay, but when used in regulation. Overuse or potent steroids can have damaging effects.

How to Treat Diaper Rash Using Home Remedies

The extent of the rash dictates whether to seek a doctor’s advice. If the infection is slight, mild, or moderate, then applying diaper rash treatment at home will be okay unless the symptoms persist. There are a couple of home remedies for diaper rash, which our parents used and still work to date. You can learn how to treat diaper rash using the techniques, without the high cost and which will be safe for your baby.

Using Vaseline for this is an excellent example and which many parents have used over the years. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to a clean and dry area will do your baby some good. Various studies done have shown that aloe vera for diaper rash is an effective treatment. There are other natural remedies that will also do your baby some good, they include;

Is coconut oil good for diaper rash
  • Beeswax- A new investigation proposes that applying a blend of beeswax, nectar, and olive oil to the diaper area of interest multiple times every day for 7 days decreases manifestations of the inflamed area.
  • Calendula- To mitigate diaper rash, you can have a go at applying a modest quantity of calendula oil alone or blended in with aloe vera on the affected area a couple of times each day.
  • Human Breast Milk- It is one of the most straightforward and safest choices to treat diaper rashes. You are now mindful that breastfeeding your infant will improve your newborn child’s invulnerability against different illnesses. This capability of milk can be used to recover from diaper rashes.
  • Olive Oil- Rather than utilizing infant wipes that will just familiarize the skin with more microscopic organisms, delicately rub a comfortable material with a tad of olive oil on the affected skin rash.
  • Shampoo Clay- An examination demonstrated that shampoo clay was compelling enough in improving diaper rash and that it worked quicker than calendula.
  • Witch Hazel- Dilute it with a carrier oil, for example, jojoba or coconut oil and apply straightforwardly to the skin.
  • Coconut Oil- It’s natural and harmless on baby’s delicate skin. Most youngsters however don’t respond to coconut oil when having bad diaper rash.

Is It Time to Seek a Doctor’s Advice?

The best option for severe diaper rash treatment is to seek a doctor’s help. The treatment for severe diaper rash isn’t one that can be casually done at home because of the increased risk of infection or misdiagnosis. The doctor will prescribe the safest baby lotion for baby diaper rash or provide the appropriate candida diaper rash treatment. That’s depending on his assessment. A pediatrician with experience in diaper dermatitis treatment should be able to make things better for your baby. Although the area will look reddish with a rash more often than not, your baby isn’t bothered unless the area gets infected. That’s when you’ll need to see a doctor.

How Long Does Diaper Rash Last?

Once you begin treating at home, it should clear away. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to see a doctor. The baby diaper rash clears quickly when you follow good diaper changing habits unless there’s an infection already.


The best treatment you can offer your infant is to be hygienic and keeping the area clean and dry. Avoid the causes of baby diaper rash, which you can learn more on from With all the above in mind providing the best treatment will be easy.

What tips for treatment for diaper rash have worked for your infant? Please share them with us.

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