What Is Behind Top-Mom.com

Who We Are?

If you visited this website it can mean only one thing. You are an expecting mom. Or a mom of a new baby and you want to know how to choose the best items you can get for you and your kid. Everybody knows that good diapers, awesome baby toys, and other baby equipment are essential parts of baby’s happiness and wellbeing. Likewise, there is no satisfied baby without a fully satisfied mom.

We created Top-Mom website especially for you. To support through a new journey of motherhood. Nowadays many people find online shopping far more convenient than the old-fashioned style where you actually go to stores. It’s true its more convenient as it saves a lot of time, but we know that it is super stressful as well. Even when you find a product you really like, it is difficult to know for sure. Is it really as good as advertised? There is a risk ending up disappointed.

We are a group of people who fully empathizes with you as we also have experienced a total dismay when it comes to online shopping. Therefore our dedication goes towards developing a whole new concept of online purchase where you can get all the information necessary. Additionally, you have insight in full and thorough reviews of each product that can make buying a true joy.

Our Main Goals

Pregnancy and motherhood are happiest moments in life. Surely you will treasure these memories from the early days forever. But we are also fully aware that there are many things to consider when getting things done before and after the arrival of that tiny bundle of joy.

We made this website with one idea. To provide all important information so parents can be completely prepared for welcoming their baby. Being well informed about how to prepare or find everything needed is already half of the job. The bigger one.

As we already mentioned, the internet is overloaded with baby and mom products and every manufacturer claims their goods are the best. This makes finding the right option really difficult.

Our goal is providing a thorough and complete review. As well as analysis of products on our website regardless of our personal preferences.

We want to share that honesty and objectivity are the core values of our team. We strive to show our visitors that we highly appreciate the trust they gave us.

Why Trust Us

When we decided to create this website, our team agreed that we are not here to convince you of buying the product we like the most. Or choosing the manufacturer of our preference.

Instead, our mission is to give you full insight into quality and prices of products that exist on the market. Why? So you can decide about one that suits your needs most.

To do this, we provide you with full unbiased reviews of all listed items. You will find detailed explanations about material quality, durability performance, etc. What else? We will tell you what we believe are the greatest benefits of purchasing a product in question. At the same time, you will be able to check out it’s any potential downsides. Ultimately you will be able to make your own independent decision about whether or not you need this particular item. Can it satisfy your own or your baby’s needs? That is the main question you should ask yourself.

Besides a detailed product reviews, there are numerous how-to guides and tips on how to set up your baby’s bed, decorate her or his room, make the most out of breastfeeding experience and so on. As an extra perk, you will find various advice and delicious healthy recipes created by our team of experts.

How We Analyze and Rate Products

A lot of people worldwide are happy to finally buy things from the comfort of their home. It saves the fuss of going to stores. And picking things, etc. This way we can get what we want just with few clicks. Yet, no one likes bad surprises which are fairly common when you are shopping online.

When you have this kind of experiences becoming quite skeptical about online reviews is very likely to. Because there is no guarantee that they are authentic and objective.

Nevertheless, we are here to show that things can be different. We ensure that reviews and ratings you find on our website are 100% trustworthy. Our team members spend weeks, sometimes even more, to analyze and test each product before creating a review. Once we choose the product we take time to investigate all aspects to be able to clearly name all benefits and shortcomings.

When it comes to ratings in our main focus are the details that we consider crucial for the majority of our customers. Such are prices, performance, features, as well as other factors.

  1. Price. There are so many products everywhere and it’s essential to know what really is a good value for the money before you make a final decision.

  2. Features. We all know that features play an important role in terms of product functionality. That’s why we offer a detailed description of materials quality, durability, functionality, comfort, safety, versatility, and other features.

  3. Performance. The thing you are the most interested in when buying a product is how well it works. That’s why we tested and compared the performance of each product to make your choices easier.

Our Team of Experts and Enthusiasts

Top-Mom is a great place. Because of the great people who work here. We are happy to do our job each day because we can contribute to the happiness of new moms. Even if there is a lot of work to be done we also have a lot of fun. Because we work together towards the same goal.

It is also important to say that all this work couldn’t be done without the tremendous help of buyers who are willing to share their feedback about various products they already purchased and used. This enables us to expand our research and give you a flawless analysis of each product’s strengths and weaknesses.